I'm a fallen angel,

Thunder struck me down.

My wings still dangle,

Out of my white gown.

The days still go by,

I'm living a normal life,

I tell myself no more lies,

No more causing strife.

I can still fly,

But the purpose is no more.

I don't want to try,

To fly back up to heaven's door.

I'm a fallen angel,

The days treat me well,

But I'm in a tangle,

My past I often dwell.

Why did I take up the knife,

Go back on my vow of peace?

Why wasn't I content with life,

My days filled with ease?

I'm going back on evil,

Fighting the good fight again.

No longer am I the feeble,

Now I take a stand.

I'm a fallen angel,

But rising up once more.

Seeing the world at an angle,

I fight to my very core.

No longer am I fallen,

I now stand like before.

I have finally chosen,

To aid the good and poor.

Above the world again I fly,

My heart I finally regain,

My wings carry me high,

They no longer carry an evil stain.

I'm a fallen angel,

Or I was in those days.

Good I no longer strangle,

I finally regain my place.