Because people have been asking…

This story is currently down until further notice. This is because I am rewriting it and trying to get it published. While the rewrite differs in many ways from the original, some of the storyline is the same. If I want to sell the story, I'm not allowed to have it posted (in any parts, plotlines, etc.) on the internet. In time, if publishing is not successful, the story will go back up. If it is successful, then it will hopefully be on sale. I know this really sucks if you were halfway through reading it, but it needed to be done. I'm also sorry if this upsets any readers. This story was started over six years ago and, after it was abandoned for so long, it would be impossible for me to finish it in its current state.

Again, I know some of you aren't happy about this, but I'd just like to remind everyone that the original story is the property of myself and my co-author and we have every right to take it down, put it up, try to rework it and get it published, etc.

Thanks to anyone and everyone that has stuck with this story and believed in it. You guys have been a great audience and your constant encouragement has kept us going for a long time now.