We are undergoing deevolution,

We are living in seclusion,

All of us are changing,

Some resort to hanging.

We are losing our souls to evil,

We have become feeble,

Many use violence,

Others live in silence.

No one speaks up,

Poison is in every cup,

Dreams have been shattered,

Good is being splattered.

The world is ending,

No one will be left standing,

And the innocent ask,

Why did we hide behind masks?

The guilty laugh,

We think they're daft,

But their goal has been reached,

Good's being sucked up by a leech.

The protest too late,

Nothing to do but wait,

Until the day when good

Can emerge from beneath its hood.

Evil has triumphed for so long,

Will good be just as strong?

The fight of the worlds is drawing near,

It's too late to tremble in fear.

Good is trying to stand again,

The innocent help in its plan.

Evil is preparing the battlefield,

Where again the world it'll try to steal.

Evil's victory leads to death,

It won't matter if one's healthy or deaf.

Good's win will rebuild the world,

Erasing evil in a swirl.

The battle is pending,

There will only be one ending.

All of us have chosen sides,

We are still tricking friends with our lies.

The final showdown between evil and good,

One will fall where the other stood,

What's the outcome we all ask,

In who's glory will we bask?

The battle's not fought,

The lesson's not taught,

One will fall,

The other will stand tall.