Good Guys Always Win

Now? No, not yet. Still light. Always light. I slouched further down in my seat, trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. Sleep was darkness. But whoever manufactured desks must hate students. The sheer stupidity of life choked me, and I angrily shoved it aside, thinking on the coming night. Darkness always falls, and the darkness belongs to me. I watched my fellow classmates through slitted eyes. They thought they understood me, flush with the arrogence of ignorance. The geek, the loser. The girl to pick on, to make fun of. And outcast, shut off from society, deemed unfit for the normal human populace. They'd see soon. Someday. When I am strong enough, when darkness falls. There that one kid, he would pay. They all would pay, all of humanity would suffer in turn. If I could pull it off. Darkness always came, but so did light. And as everything has an opposite, so did I. The Light, my choosen nemesis, one who would destroy me unless I acted first. I shrugged off the dismal thoughts. A few more days, and then I would know who and where the Light was. Then my plans could become reality. I had it all arranged, this school first, their deaths amplifying my power, turning it into an unstoppable onslaught. I pulled out a scrap paper and started to draw, a favorite pastime. A horse appeared, no, not a horse. A horn sprouted from it's head. But this was not the unicorn of light. It's eyes blazed with hatred underneath my pencil. Instead of a white coat, lead coated its surface, shading it black. The bell rang, that awful device that ruled our day. I shoved all my stuff in my bag. That one kid, the mean one, started over to my desk. I snatched for the unicorn, but he grabbed it first.

"Little horsies?" he asked sneeringly.

I snatched at the paper. He yanked it out of my reach.

"Oh, evil horsies. Kind of like some bitch we all know."

You have no idea, I thought. Laughing, he tore it up and scattered the pieces. I left the room in a fury.

Darkness was falling. Their time was over, mine starting. I stared into the deepening gloom, smiling as darkness covered this part of the globe. Soon. I raised my hands to welcome the night. The night was me, and I was the night. Swirls of darkness coalesced around me, forming creatures born of darkness and hatred. Find her, I ordered. Find the Light and I will win. Darkness always comes. The creatures scuttled off into the night, carrying the stench of death and spreading nightmares in their wake. I laughed as my children roamed the city. The darkness was mine. It lived within me and I breathed it's very substance. Let them run to the light. She would fall, they all would in the end.

The sun rose again the next day, as it must. But soon there would be no light. I would rule all. I endured school out of necessity, knowing that I could have no one, no one, take a serious interest in my habits. I sat alone at lunch, as always. But this time was different. A girl joined me, a girl new to this school. Her hair was pale blond, almost white. She was polite and kind, but I sullenly ignored her. I was darkness. I had no need of her. She eventually took the hint and left. I smiled as she walked away. It was twisted and cruel, a smile of unholy happiness. She was here. I had found her. And she had no idea what she was.

Night fell. I danced and laughed, welcoming it and my final triumph. I walked the darkening streets of my city. There was no one out, all hiding in fear of things unknown. The Light was at home. I rang her doorbell. The pale blond girl answered. I smiled and drew the darkness to me. She screamed in terror as I raised my hands, pure evil twining around my arms. I lashed out, and she fell to the ground. She didn't move, her eyes staring up in horror. No breath, no heartbeat. The Light had fallen. I laughed, giddy with my triumph. Now. Now was the time to strike. Still laughing, I unleashed the darkness. A pure tidal wave rolled across the land. Millions died, never to wake again. I sat in the middle, drinking up the glory and majesty of it all. The sun started to rise. I gestured. Power followed that gesture, and the sun dimmed, plunging the world into eternal twilight and night. My children, the creatures of death and despair roamed freely across the face of this world. A world was under my grasp. The nations were gone, all was mine. Darkness had fallen, and the light would never reappear.

People died as time passed. Those who fell first were the lucky ones. My children hunted, their thirst for death never slaked. But I soon grew bored. I ruled absolute, over a world in ruin. Darkness was here for good. And I was alone. I thought of her. Of the Light. She wanted to be my friend. But she didn't know what I was. She would have accepted me, though. It was her nature. I puzzled over this. Perhaps I was being silly. How could I be lonely? I was the night. Then why wasn't I satisfied? I had won, hadn't I?