Another Time For Another Life

On a distant star,

I will find another life,

and another time,

but now I am here,

stuck on this uncaring world,

bound by this emotion,

this emotion called pain,

or was it love?

Another time for this,

But another time for love?

Another life?

Or another painful existents?

Why do I play?

When I know I will be hurt?

When I know I don't want to?

When this star falls,

I will once again be stuck on this world,

but I will wish on that falling star,

hoping for a second of that distant life,

or hoping for yet an life?

My friends tell me to relax,

but how can you when you're heart is being split?

I fell for those green eyes,

Thinking I had found this star,

I thought I was in paradise,

Feeling I had found my star away,

As if I was another person,

But those green betraying eyes,

They left me cold and alone,

they had touched those feelings that none should touch,

none that should read,

none that should ever see,

As I thought,

cold and alone,

Though they were the eyes of an angel,

They were the eyes of a angel with no sense of mercy,

of no pity,

of no regard of humanity,

they betrayed my soul,

and touched my wish of finding that star,

that distant star that is now falling,

burning, oh burning like those angels in hell,

If I could find myself,

Lost in that crowd of lies,

Would I be the same?

Oh would I be that fool reflected in those green eyes?

Oh angel why did you betray my wishes?

By no showing that scarce emotion called love,

Only giving me that hated emotion called as pain?

Do I now cross your mind,

As the person you could not love?

Or that person who I'd hurt?

Do these cross you're mind my betraying green eyed angel?

The one without that sense of mercy?

The one who sent my wishing star to its burning space?

To have showed me that emotion that no one could have given?

Burning star, Burning heart,

What is it to you?


Nothing more then words?

Does that ever make you wonder,

Would I have ever loved that fool?

On a distant star

I will find another life,

and another time,

another time to be hurt,

another time to be pushed,

another time to find the very unwanted emotion,

or find that very rarely shown emotion?

Did I ever hurt you?

Why did you run away?

Or would you call my wish as running away?

Running away from my pain?

Or running away from you're cold love?

Would you let it thaw in the bright sun light?

Or let it freeze even more in the icy cold nights?

Those green eyes of an angel,

do you truly know the meaning of mercy?

The mercy of letting my wishes go without letting it die?

To have truly loved me?

To have not split my aching heart in half?

Have you ever felt this warm feeling called love?

If you didn't then why did you try to give it to me?

Oh betraying angel,

Will you nail that nail even farther?

Or let me be the first to be spared?

On a distant star,

I will find another life,

and another time,

A time for me to find another purpose,

one that does not involve that emotion,

that emotion that is rarely seen or felt,