" It was really mysterious

It Was Really Mysterious

" It was really mysterious." she said to her brother Jim, who was a police officer. " Please tell me everything." Jim asked. Jane began:

" This morning I found an anonymous letter in my letterbox, telling my to come to a remote place and about midnight. I was interested in who had written the letter and why the person want me to come to such a gloomy place. At 11.00 p.m. I was there in the hope to be the first, to see something.

But there was nothing. At half past twelve I became suspicious, may they wanted me to come there in order to brake into my house. I went home, but everything was like I had left it. No sign of a burglary."

Jim nodded and looked at his sister. " Really mysterious. Where was this place? And please give me the letter."

Jane gave her brother a smile. " You should talk to me as brother, not as policeman, ok.?

"Yeah, all right. Sorry but you know it` s my job to question."

Jane gave him the letter and explained " It was the camping site near the lake. Now it` s winter and nobody is there."

Her brother looked at the letter. " Hm, handwriting and a very bad one. Maybe a man or a left-hander."

" Left-hander you say? Than it can only be one person,...my assistant. Jim I guess we should visit my assistant."

" But don` t you know the handwriting of your colleagues, but by the side who do you mean?

" It` s Dr. Callaverra, he` s the only left-hander in my staff."

Jim remembered himself. He knew all the people who are working at the emergency ward where his sister was medical director. As a police officer he had to come to the emergency ward several times. Dr. Callaverra was a young man, he was known as a talented, ambitious doctor.

" Well let` s see what we` ll find out." he said. " Let` s drive to his house. Where does he live? "

"On Elmstreet." Jane said, taking her keys of the car.

When they arrived everything was dark.

"It` s Sunday evening, may he went out." Jim remarked. Jane looked through the little window next to the door. " And I` m afraid he prefers to stay longer…."