The Last Journey
Solthar Rygelsun

I stumble forward, knife in back
in deaths embrace

He comes; darkness gathering
eternal light

He waits with hands outstreached
a midnight parent

A call; he beckons me near
father, I come

On his face; a tear
my papa cries

Gently he guides me
a body left behind

He seems tired
weariness clouds his face

I offer to help him
he smiles

Me and death
me and my father

| He stumbles towards me, knife in back
in my embrace

I come; darkness expanding
light everlasting

I waits with hands outstreached
a lost son

I call; I beckon him near
My son, come

I weep for joy
tears on my face

Gently I guides him
leaving his body behind

The weight of the world upon my back
I feel ancient

He offers to help me
I sadly smile

Me and this man
me and my son

are one