Just Friends – Part I

"If I win, I will dedicate the medal to Cathy." Gabrielle said to her trainer.

"To Cathy? What's about me? I'm your couch?" The older man claimed to be disappointed, but a big grin was on his lips.

"In the last weeks the only way she could be near me was on a bike, cycling beside me, while I was jogging. I don't want to make her believe that this marathon race is more important to me than she is. She's my best friend, you know."

"Yeah, I know she loves you."

"Yes she loves me like her sister and I feel the same way for her."

"I didn't mean it this way, but you know it better," John replied.

"Hey, so what do you mean?"

"God, she loves you Gabrielle! And I would be afraid to ask you, what you are feeling for her."

"C'mon John. You are saying Cathy and me…? That sounds crazy, really. Think of Harry. He was my boy friend."

"Yes he was! That's the point."

"It wasn't my fault that he couldn't accept the sport. Cathy can do it. She and me… we are just friends," Gabrielle snapped.

"Don't argue with me, kid. You will find out, sooner or later." John smiled.

"I do not love women, neither Cathy nor any other women," Gabrielle said and she sounded as if it were already chiselled in stone.

Some days later Gabrielle had forgotten the discussion with her couch.

This evening she did a bit rope skipping. Like she always did in the evening before she took a shower and ate something. And like always Cathy sat on the floor of their dorm room, counting and watching her.

"That's enough, Gabrielle. I'll go and take a shower. It's late and tomorrow we both have the mathematics exam." Cathy decided and rose to her feet. She grabbed a towel and the soap and went to the door.

"Ok, I'll come soon. I just want to do some stretching." Gabrielle said as Cathy closed the door behind her.

Some minutes later Gabrielle went down the floor to the showers.

It was hot and full of steam in the shower room. She undressed herself and entered a shower cubicle next to her friend.

"It's cold outside these days," she said to begin a dialog.

"Yeah, luckily they get the shower rooms warm," Cathy replied.

While Gabrielle was washing her short red hair, Cathy had dried off herself.

"Hurry a bit, girl." she said forcefully, "Otherwise I wont wait."

"Ok, try my best so you can rub my back with the towel, I guess I'm to tired to do it myself," Gabrielle said and smiled.

Cathy just nodded and starred to her naked feet.

When Gabrielle was ready she left the shower. Water ran down her muscular body. Cathy looked at her, maybe a bit to long, than grabbed the towel.

"Turn around." she just said.

Gabrielle could feel the sensation of hands that rubbed her back with a towel, slowly and gently.

"Hmm…that feels so good. I love it. You know how to make me feel good, don't you?" she sighed.

Cathy said nothing, but continued to gently rub her back. Her hands went down to Gabrielle's hips and up to her stomach.

Cathy breathed heavily. She never felt that way be for when her friend touched her. She was shocked and confused when she realized that it aroused her. She could sense Cathy's body at her back and than she felt Cathy's lips on her neck. Her heart beat faster. She could feel the erotic, which filled the room now. For the first time in her life she was aroused by another woman. She had no idea if it was good or bad, but it felt very good.

She turned around and looked in Cathy's brilliant blue eyes. She could feel Cathy's arms around her and saw her chest moving up and down, saw the look on her face.

There was desire and passion, but also concern.