As angels fly

Above the earth,

They witness

The newborn spirit's birth.

As they see it

It's all a mistake.

The child's life

Will be a fake.

It will go through a life

Not its own,

Looking always

Where the angels have flown.

It won't know any difference

Between what's right or not.

It will go through life

Not knowing cold from hot.

The angel's feathers that fall

The child will find,

Making itself a mask

To hide behind.

The child shall know

No evil in its lonely being.

It shall hide behind the Angel Mask.

Which is stopping it from evil seeing.

The angels do this

So that the child may stay

Pure and good

In every way;

To preserve its innocence

For its next life to be.

The angels will make it

So that the child can see.

They'll make it right

And unmistaken,

For the newborn spirit's soul

Shall never be evil taken.