Dedicated to my grandfather with love everlasting

Tears Of Love And Life

Through good times and bad,

There is nothing that can make me sad,

While you stand at my side.

And when you depart,

I know it's just a start,

Of a whole new journey.

Tears of love and pain,

They will always stain,

The place we laughed and loved.

To you I send this prayer.

We loved, laughed and lived.

But we are never lost.

All my love is sent

Towards heavens shining gates

To guide you there and hold you safe.

This one is dedicated to my grandmother and father on my dad's side.

Finally Home

How long has it been?

A few years from then

Since I saw your smiling face.

But now, it is far from this place.

I shall not be seeing,

At least for the time being,

Your face for a while.

I miss your smile,

I miss your love,

That is now found above.

You left so quick,

The trick was real slick,

But now I want you to say

"Everything is okay.

I'm fine. See you soon"

Everytime I look towards the stars and moon,

I know you see

And are watching over me

You're finally home...

Don't feel that you have to review. I did this in their memory and to show I love them forever.