I'm having guy troubles.
For once its not the normal "lack of" thing.
This time it's different.
It's like I have every guy on a string.
Pulling, taunting, every which way.
I lift their hopes high,
Then quickly throw them away.

They come to my call.
And do as I command.
They say I'm a doll.
I don't let them know where I stand.

They love me they say.
And do as I wish.
They'll hold me real tight.
Then gently give me a kiss.

I lead them into thinking.
They maybe they have a chance.
Letting them think that it works,
When they try their romance.

They run and go do,
Whatever I say.
Hoping that I,
Will never be lead astray.

But little do they know.
That they are my prey.
And use them as show,
To my friends everyday.

I dump them in public,
Saying that loving them was a lie.
They're emotions reek havoc,
Now their hearts will die.

I'm having guy troubles,
For once it's not the normal "Lack of" thing.
I think I'm in love,
Now I'm on the string.

He holds my heart in his hands.
And has me do his bidding.
I am stuck in this trance.
For him I'll go on living.

He lets me think he cares,
And lifts me up high.
And when everyone stares,
He makes my heart cry.

In front of the crowd.
He tells me we're through.
His words are so loud.
For some reason they slowly come through.

My hearts beating to fast.
I can't hear was he's now saying.
Why didn't this last?
This love he was portraying.

Realization hits.
It was all a lie.
My hands ball into fits.
Now I'm the one to know, what it feels like for the heart to die.