Dog sniffed at the door of the water-room. He knew man didn't like him going in there while he was in the water. Man was funny about things like that. Dog had seen him once, in the water-room. Man had taken his skin off before he got in the water. Then he'd seen dog and started shouting, his face-skin went bright red. Man was a funny creature.

Dog wondered whether he should go in. He wouldn't normally disturb man, but he hadn't been fed or walked all day. If man didn't let him out soon, he'd have to go in the house. Man didn't like him doing that either. He'd made it quite clear when dog was just a pup that the house wasn't for Disposing, or Marking for that matter.

Man didn't Mark like dog did. He sprayed himself instead of his Territory. Man was strange.

Dog padded back to the food-room. Sometimes man would bring a bitch around, and the bitch would feed dog, and stroke him, and play with him. Dog liked man's bitches. There had been one who stayed for a long time, but since she left man hadn't had any.

There was nothing in his bowl, so dog went and lay down for a bit.

Maybe man just wanted a really good swim.

Dog woke up. He really needed to go. He padded back to the water-room. He decided that man would rather be disturbed in there than have to clean up. Dog scratched at the door. It gave way easily, and he almost fell in with it.

Man was there, in the water. One of his hands was hanging out. He didn’t seem to notice dog. Dog waited for man to bark at him, but nothing happened.

He went closer to man and licked his hand. Cold. Tasted like meat. Strange. He cleaned the hand thoroughly, enjoying the taste.

Man still didn’t react.

Dog whined. Surely man would notice him now.

Still no reaction.

Dog started to bark. Man always growled when he barked.

Still no reaction.

Man didn’t growl. Man didn’t even seem to notice.

Dog was hungry, and he really needed to go.

Man must be asleep. Man usually slept in his basket, must be very tired.

When man slept in the basket, Dog could wake him by jumping on him.

Dog backed off a bit, ran up and jumped onto man.

Still no reaction.

Perhaps man wasn’t well.

Dog rubbed man’s nose. Cold and wet. Healthy.

Man’s skin was very cold though. The water was cold too.

Dog sat down on man’s chest, and kept him warm till the police came.

a/n, use of “bitchâ€