Author: wow you guys really liked it ** start’s to cry** I so happy so I decided to continue. Enjoy!

Declaimer: yes I own him so don’t try and sue me.

I can’t hold back my tears any more. I can feel them running down my face. They sting my checks and my eyes like a needle piercing my skin. With those horrid tears my frustration comes. I clench my hands to a fist driving my claws into the palms of them, and pulling them out with a cry of pain I stair at my red blood dripping onto the ground. Maybe it would be better this way, if I just killed myself no one would care any way it’s not like anyone will stop me. My eyes float over to my scythe looking at it blankly my hands grasp the long pole. I stared at the crude sharp blade at the end, thinking of it piercing my chest and cutting right through my heart. Placing the scythe in position my mind runs in circles. Is this the way I want to die? To not ever be remembered or cared for? I knew my answer and it was yes. This is the way I want to die to end my damned life forever. With that fresh in my mind I was ready to die.