"I think she's coming around." A woman's voice said.

"Her blood pressure is still too low. Give her another shot of tetra-gly." A man's voice said.

She felt something press against her neck.

"That seemed to help, Dr. Price." The woman said.

Her vision cleared and she saw two people standing over her. There were lights flashing and monitors blinking behind them. She could smell the antiseptic smell that all hospitals had.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Lt. Tod." The man, Dr. Price she assumed, said.

"Where am I?" She asked groggily. She tried to sit up. "Where are my men?"

"You are on board the P.C.S. Inquiry. What's the last thing you remember?"

Karla sat back on her elbows and looked closely at this 'Dr. Price.' "Where are my men?" She asked again.

Dr. Price and the nurse exchanged nervous glances. "The Captain will answer all your questions."

Karla sat all the way up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She was naked, she noticed. She looked around the sickbay. There were futuristic monitors near each low bed, but the sickbay itself looked like every other sickbay she'd ever been in, harshly lit, and cramped. "The Captain, hmm?" She muttered, standing up.

"You should rest for now. Nurse Tingle called the Bridge when it was clear you were waking up. She should be down shortly." Dr. Price said.

Karla glared at the doctor. He saw a hardness in her eyes that frightened him. "Or stand." He said backing away.

"Pathetic." She said to herself. She was certain that she was a captive. She had never heard of the Inquiry and had no idea what P.C.S. stood for. Her men were missing and the first thing they wanted to know was what she remembered. She felt like she was in some sorry ass Mission Impossible episode.

She walked around the small room, lifting up items and examining them. Some were pretty normal, some were strange, and some items looked like primitive torture devices. She glanced over at the doctor and nurse. They were cowering on the other side of the room. "Nurse Tingle," she thought, "I'm sure she does more than tingle."

A small woman walked into sickbay. Karla looked her over. She wasn't wearing a uniform, but she had an insignia on her shoulders and a badge on her sizable left breast. Her blonde hair was nicely styled and curled in at the ends.

"I'm Captain Julie Yew." She said holding out her hand. Karla reluctantly shook the Captain's hand. The Captain's fingernails were painted, she noticed.

"Captain. Lt. Tod. Where are my men?" Karla said staring down at the pretty blonde 'Captain Julie.'

Julie looked up at the nude, nearly bald, muscular, dark-skinned woman towering over her. "What's the last thing you remember?" She asked smiling.

Karla took a step toward the captain, forcing Julie to back up or have Karla's breast pressed against her chin. "Where - are - my - men?" She demanded.

"It's a long story," Julie started.

"I will not ask you again."

Julie shivered. "Okay, well, twelve standard days ago your pod appeared in space in front of our vessel. We identified it as an old Earth vessel, but we had no idea how it had gotten so far out into space without being detected so we towed it aboard to investigate and discovered you and your men had been frozen in space for what appeared to be 250 years.

"Dr. Price was going to study you and your men, to get an idea of what life was really like for humans back before the war, and he detected a faint heartbeat. So we attempted to revive you, successfully."

Karla rolled her eyes. "Yah. Let's pretend I believe you and I don't think you're Mars Colonists with delusions of grandeur and a strange fixation with Star Trek. Get me my clothes and my gun. Then we'll talk." Karla waited to see if they would let her have her gun.

"I can get you clothes. That's not a problem," Julie said, "but weapons aren't allowed on the ship. You understand, I'm sure." Julie smiled sweetly.

"Oh," Karla said sarcastically, "they're not allowed on the ship. That's convenient. Sweetheart, I am a weapon, I don't need my gun to do a shit load of damage here. So that's a piss poor reason. As far as I'm concerned, if I don't have my gun, I don't believe a word coming out of your mouth." Karla smiled mockingly. "You understand, I'm sure."

Julie stepped back toward the door. "I'll see to it that you get clothes and food. I'll find quarters for you and get your belongings brought in."

"Including my gun."

Julie nodded and walked out.


Karla walked down the cramped corridor of the ship. Ahead of her was a bear of a man who had introduced himself as Tech First Class Rico Stedman. It was his job, he had told her, to make sure she was comfortable in her new quarters.

Stedman stopped and opened a hatch. "Your quarters, Ma'am."

"There are no ma'ams in Special Forces, Tech." She said as she squeezed past him into the room.

"Yessir." He said, blinking.

Karla let herself smile as she looked around the small room. There was a small bunk to the right. Other than that, the room was empty.

"Sir?" Stedman said from the hatchway. "If you lift your bunk, you'll find the toilet and sink. There's room for a footlocker between the bunk and the far wall. There's a closet on the left wall, the door slides open."

"That's fine, Tech. Thank you. Dismissed." Karla said. Immediately she realized she had no rank here but Stedman left as though she had the power to dismiss him. That's fine, she thought, it would be easier to escape if her captors followed orders.