I sit, I think, I wonder.
How life can be so cruel.
My world seems to be in a blender.
I'm spinning around like a fool.

Like a retard I believe you.
When you say that you're forever mine.
I thought what you said was true.
And that we'd be together for all time.

But when that day,
The day you left me,
When I heard you softly say.
That we will never be.

That you and I are finished.
Gone, no more.
Now my heart is tarnished.
As you walk out that door.

My soul is screaming,
I can not breath.
My heart is bleeding.
How can you leave?

My thoughts whirl about me.
I'm at a loss for words.
Leaving? How can this be?
I want to escape my thoughts like a bird.

I want to fly into the heavens.
Let God tell me it's okay.
I want to hold onto the moments.
Where we were happy everyday.

I want to fly away from my troubles.
Into the distant skies.
Not go through hardship levels.
Like this one that is making me die.

You killed me when you said.
That you loved me no more.
That you took another girl to bed.
One that was a whore.

You murdered me when you spoke,
Of her and you together.
And of how you did provoke.
All the hookers who wore their leather.

How you slept around with all the chicks.
And played with their hearts too.
Only just to get your kicks.
How can you do this? I love you.

I guess I never knew you.
I guess telling me is for the better.
Even if I wish it wasn't true,
Everything that you had written in that letter.

The details and descriptions.
Of every single girl.
And a list of the ones who had abortions.
Goes through my head in a whirl.

You're laughing now.
You think it's funny.
I ask you how.
You said I'm a dummy.

For believing you
Hanging on your every word.
For trusting too.
I really want to be that bird.

The bird who can fly anywhere.
With no troubles at all.
I want to fly without a care.
I can't believe you would pick me up and let me fall.

I can't believe I loved you.
I can't believe I do still.
Even though I know it's true.
That my heart you did kill.

Apparently I never knew,
The man that just left me.
Because if I did, he'd be true.
And never want to mentally stab me.

All that's left is my good bye.
As is drowned here in my sorrow.
If I said I didn't still love you it would be a lie.
Even then, I still have to live on, there will always be tomorrow.