Anything and everything that happen in this story is not based on anything that is true or anything of the sort. Anything and everything that happens in a negative way about this book is not Ú*Ȳ ×. ×_×-'s fault. If anyone or anything represent anything in reality, it is pier coinsidintiaul.

What started out as a fine sunny day...

Mark Kien was a very reasonable man, for a ninteen year old, he had his own house, wife, money, good job, a winter cabin up in the mountains, a summer house in the Bahamas, and a one and a half year old girl. He wouldn't give it up for the world.

What he didn't know, is that he would have to travel the world, to save it...Or would he?

The year is: 2019

Chapter 1

In La Junta, CO Mark's Mansion December 12 10:30

"Sara, please get Molly off the computer, I have to get this to the news paper by tonight." Mark was yelling as the cat jumped up on the keyboard and started to rub its bushy tail up against his face. He was writing a report on how to disarm a bomb that has been tampered with, and while he was working, there was to be no interuptions.

"Okay, okay, Jeeze, you think just 'cause YOU have a job everyone else has nothing to do, you know how long I have been trying to feed Mickie? She hasn't touched a thing, can you try it?" Sara asked while holding a spoon with mushy broccoli smeared allover it, and with the other trying to grab Molly by the scruff of the neck to get her off the the table. Sara was one of those types that where hard to find, but when you find her you never want to leave her, you could never stay mad at her either.

Mark got up, took the spoon washed it off real fast in the sink, and came over to Mickie, "Mickie, you eat your yum yums, an you get sum cookies!"

Mickie put her finger up and put it in her mouth, this is how she usually thinks, then in her quiet squeaky voice said," Yokay," opened her mouth and waited for the broccoli to get to her mouth, Mark thought she would never swallow it, you should have seen the faces she was making, "I wana cooky naw."

Sara gave Mark a friendly shove,"Ooh, I see now, you always bribe her to eat, and thats why she is always wanting Da-Da to feed her," Mark turned around and smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, and walked off,"what are you doing now?"

Mark said in a quiet baby voice,"Da-Da get Mickie a cookie naw."

He came back with a cookie and cut it in half, put one half in front of Mickie, and put the other half on the table.

Mickie sat there staring at the cookie on the table for a while, then said,"I know sumthin' you don' know!"

Mark said," If ya tell me, I'll give you the rest of the cookie."

She shook her head,"Ya can't."


She pointed past Mark and said," Kiddy go' it!" she started to giggle.

Mark turned around and made the scariest noise he could think of, the rattling of a rattle snakes tail, he knew how to do this, cause he was in a war and he had to know how to make train in different sounds to frighten off the other sides, anyways, the cat jumped so high it almost touched the ceiling, when it came down it slipped and fell off the table, it couldn't have gone out faster then it did, if the devil was right behind her.

He went over to the cookie half, it had fallen on the floor, and wiped it on his shirt, "You little devil you," he was talking and laughing at the same time," you could have had a full cookie, but you wanted to feed the cat! Now you got three forths of a cookie."

Mickie laughed and spluttered cookie on her bib,"Naw, I hav hafa cookie, and you hav a haf o' haf!"

Sara walked in the room," What happened to Mollie?"

"You ever seen a cat chased by the devil himself?" Mark said holding back a smile.

"No," she said, while also bewildered.

"Now you have," he couldn't hold back his laugh any longer, and he started laughing histeracaly.

Chapter 2

Denver, CO The Whitehouse December 12 19:00

"Mr. President, the Germans have threatoned to declare war, unless, we give them the US and surrender with out a fight, this will result in WW4, should we tell the media?" The secratary asked Theodore Gumwell.

"No, get me The Specialist."

The room was silent for a long while, then the secratary said," Sir, he hasn't worked here for 5 years, are you sure that is a wise choose?"

"Do you think I care what you say? Get him in here before I derank you on the spot."

The secratary ran off to his desk as fast as possible,"Yes sir."

Theodore turned around to a lady in an Air Force uniform,"Don't let this out."

"Ooh, you are one mean man, the last time I heard, he was a married man and had a little girl." She said.

"I understand you worked with him? Betty?" Theodore grunted.

"Yes, I worked with him for a few missions, but he was so young, what was it about, 12? He is probably about 23 by now."

"Actualy, he is only 19, but did you know he is the best the U.S. has ever had? Navy, Marines, Air Force, CIA, you name it, he has been there, done that. He is like a prodigy, he is still in the CIA though, or so I've heard, he done a great job in WW3, to tell you the truth, I don't know how an eight year old can get take over an enemy battle station, all by himself."

"Well, do you think he will come, I don't think he wants to seperate with his family." she said in a quiet voice.

"He'll come alright, he'll come." The President was saying over and over.

Chapter 3

Alaska, Germeny Spy Central December 13 1:45

"I told you, after we take over Alaska, we can use it as a spy center, though, I don't have the slightest idea who The Specialist is." The German Lieutenant was explaining to the leader, Grate Jumpsh.

"I don't want to hear anymore of your babaling, you are so UNhelpful. Do you know why they are not telling the press? They are thinking I will not do anything, this, this... specialist, this is just a coverup for them, they think they can scare us with their their... insults? I will not stand here and listen to this. Gaurds, take him away."

Five gaurds popped out beside Grate, took the Lieutenant by the arms and legs and carried him off screaming," What did I do General? I didn't say a thing, you are just angry, and..."

"Stop," Grate yelled. He went over to them and said,"Unhand him."

There was a thud as he fell on the floor, he stood up and dusted himself off,"I knew you would do the right thing General..."

He was cut short when Grate pulled out a large pistol and put it under his nose, and blew a hole the size of a small plum,"Carry on." The five gaurds grabbed him before he even touched the ground. Took him away and threw him in the Pit. "Hey you there, yes you, what is your name?"

The General was pointing at a new recruit, mabey in his twenties, and he said," Ooh, me, my name is William, William Smitey."

Grate started to laugh,"Well, you are the new Lieutenant I've been looking for, get yourself a new uniform, and head your way to your stuff, and burn it."

"Burn it, sir?..."

"Yes, you heard me, Hey, don't ask questions, just do it."

General's chamber 3:50

"I told you you would become a good officer, Mr. Smitey." Grate told the new Lieutenant.

"But Sir, this shirt has blood on it, and it has a funny smelling to it. How did you say you got this again?" He was itching himself wildly, and making strange sounds.

"I don't know, I just got it, it is nice, no?"

"Sir, something is stabing me in the back," he reached back and pulled it out, screamed, and ran out the door after ripping off his shirt and throwing it on the floor.

Grate looked down on what appeared to be a bloody thum, he picked it up, sniffed it, then ate...

Chapter 4

La Junta, CO Mark's Mansion December 13 13:25

"I told you Sara, I have to go, it is important." Mark was still trying to make Sara see that he had to go to the U.S. capital.

"But you have already told me you were going to spend more time with us. Why are you going anyways?" Sara was pleading.

Mark put his bags in the seat of the passenger side of his private jet," I told you, it is purely confadintial... I tell you what, I know what is going to happen, so you and Mickie can come with me, even Molly. I don't think Theodore will mind about it."

Molly came as fast as she could when she heard her name. She had something in her mouth and Mark asked," What is that thing in your mouth little girl," he bent over to get a better look, and he jumped back in disgust,"How can you eat those things girl, the last time I ate a mouse was in WW3 when we were in the slave camps with nothing to eat, take it away, I can't stand to see the sight of it..."

Sara got a look of disgust on her face and said," I wish you didn't talk of this stuff around me, you know how I feel about WW3, I was locked in my own cellars, and, well, you don't want to hear about it..."

Mark mumbled,"You will be in a suprise when you hear the last of it." Then started up the engine, just to make sure it worked.

Sara had a look to see if he was jocking or not, seeing as he wasn't, she had a blank face and unconciously said," I'll go get Mickie, and some stuff." Turned around and walked off.

Denver, CO Whitehouse 15:00

"Good of you to show up Mr. Kien, ooh, and you brought your lovely family, and your little fluffy kitty!" Theodore was saying in an awful atempt to be happy.

"Yes, yes, but we both know why we are here, how can you act so cheerful, when I know you are as scared as a lost child. Let's cut right to the chase, where do I get supplied at, and when does my family get some service in the bunker buissiness? I want them in the best of the bomb shelters, and don't say it won't happen, because I know it will, alot has changed over the past few years, conserning the Germans." Mark was showing his knowledge to the President, that he was still aware of the possibilities.

"But Mark, you said it was just a vacation, possibley, you don't mean what I am thinking you are saying? No, I will not hear of it, can you show us to our rooms, please?" Sara was fideting at this, and two soldiers came in and assisted her with her luggage.

"I will be with you later hunny," Mark said in a casual tone, then turned to the President," you are sure they are in Alaska? I will go there tommorow, if that is what you want, what do they want?"

"They want us to surrender the US, without a fight, that'll be the day," Theodore laughed.

"But that means that you would decide for everyone, should I go, I mean, what shall I do?"

"I'll tell you..." the President leaned close to Mark.

Chapter 5

Alaska, Germany Spy Central December 14 15:35

"General, the new Cadet is here, shall I send him in?" A young Captain came to the door standing at around 5'8.

"What do you think I want you to do, stand around all day doing nothing?" the Captain shook his head and stood in the doorway at a guarding formation," What are you doin' addle brain? Show him in for Pete's sake." Grate Jumpsh was yelling by now. The young Captain jumped up, and ran to the door, and let in the new Cadet.

Then asked," General, who is Pete?"

Grate yelled," Get out of here before I rip your bloody head off."

The Cadet said," You ain't gonna accomplish anything by yellin' at your cap'ns with the likes of that."

"Who asked you? Keep your mouth closed while in my sight. Your file says you were in WW3, is that correct?.. Is that correct???" The General was asking more loudly.

"Uhh... Yes, Sir, I fought with the greatest." He said with a sly grin.

"That means you were only eight years old, what's your name?" He asked in a sharpish tone.

"Mark Kien, Uhh... Sir." Mark announced.

"I knew I'd heard of you somewhere, you look so familiar, so your the U.S. boy aren't ya?"

"Yes, and I whooped you before Grate, and I can do it again."

"You only wish boy." Grate quickly reached under his desk and pushed a red button, "You've lost this one boy."

Mark reached for his watch pushed the button three time, and said into it," He has launched the missles, send yours at him, I'll be alright."

Mark pulled out a 9mm and started shooting all eight rounds in the General's chest. He heard some scuffeling of feet on the outside of the door, looked around and found a stock of some machine guns, and some magazines, looked around some more and found a plastic gun, Mark thought,' what the heck is this in here for?' he pulled the trigger, and followed the beam of light that came out the barrel, It was a lazor gun XS 2539 series, he looked around, the noise stoped.

'Boooom,' someone threw a grenade on the door and it exploded, Mark yelled,"You ain't getin' out of here alive people." He got the laser and started blasting, he shot two scores in just the door way, he was about to move down the hall, when something caught his eye, it was a tellaporter, he could use it for a quick getaway.

He turned his direction and started blasting, he made it to the telaporter, and got inside of it, put in the corrordanents and pushed GO.........................................................

The year is: ????

CO, U.S.A. Dessert December 14 ??:??

"Ungh, what happened, what am I doing here?" Mark woke up.

Just then a man in a man in a blue jacket, grey pant, and a blue hat came over to him," Stay down, Stupid."

"Where am I?" Mark asked quesionly.

The man picked up a long riffle and butted Mark in the back of the head," I said shutup, you are a captive, from the South, You are in the Civil War, we are the North, and you are one of them, I mean look at you, you are like a walking British, or somethin'."

"I don't know what your talking about, I live in Colorado, I was on a mission to kill the Germans, when I..." Mark received another blow on the head, and was nocked unconcious...

Chapter 6

The year is: 2019

Denver, CO Whitehouse December 16 13:55

"Theodore, what do you mean you don't have any idea where he is, you were supposed to keep him safe." Sara was crying and being made at the same time.

"I was, he gave himself away right when he got there, they launched the missles, so we launched our missles, he left his intercom on and we found out he was in a teloporter and he was coming back here, when he just dissapered, I have no way of knowing wher he is, you have to believe me... Ooh, the missles, we have to get to sub-level 132, or we'll all die." They rushed off down to the elevator, and had to go down 11 elevators, just before it was safe, then had to go down 13 more, just to make sure.

Sub-Level 32 15:07

"Mommie, where dada?" Mickie looked up at her mother and asked.

Sara made a quick lie," He's in the house hunny, he'll be okay."

Mickie looked aroun, then said,"Where Mowwie?"

The sudden shock hit Sara, she had left Molly in the cage," She is whith daddy, just lay down and don't speak."

Before they could do anything, the walls began to rumble, then explode, the hole place filled with light, radioactive light. Sara looked around and seen Mickie scream and become a little ball of fleshy ooze and bones, then looked at her arms and hands, and she was melting to.

The was another rumble, and that was that. The whole world was gone, nothing left, not even the molten lava that flowed under the Earth's crus of soil, it was gone.

Chapter 7

The year is: ????

CO, U.S. M/? D/? T/?

"Ooh, what is it this time?" Mark woke up and felt something scratching his back," Hunny?" Mark turned around and saw something he thought he would never see in his life time, a doddo bird, and it was trying to rip open his flesh, it was about 7' tall and 5' in width, he jumped back, and started running, he was running through red ferns, dandelions, sunflowers.. then he thought, Red Ferns? Those are supposed to be extinct? He looked at his watch, it had stopped when he was in the telaporter.

"No, that wasn't a telaporter, that was a time machine, first the Cival War, then this, this is freaky. I know I have been going to different places cause I am unconcious, mabey if I think of home then I'll go home, wait, home is gone, they must have blown up the whole world, I'll never get home." Then he got mad, he started thinking of Sara, Mickie, and all of those he loved, then he said," I will go to the time when the made Nucleur missiles and mess them up."

He found a rock and hit himself over the head while thinking of 1938.

The year is: 1938

?,? Febuary 12, 1938

"Ungh, what a time. He looked around to see that he was in a laboratory, and then noticed a computer, and it filled up half of the room. He went over to it and noticed that it was the first computer ever made, and he was going to have to destroy it, then he thought, what will this do to the future, I mean, it could change everything.

But then he thought, there is no future, everything is probably blown up, he found a big shovel, and started to pound on the machine, it broke more than he thought it would and by time it was only as thick as paper, he hit himself over the head with the shovel, thinking of 2020, just to make sure.

Chapter 8

Colorado Springs, CO Hospital August 22, 21:00

"Ooh, Ungh, Ooh," Mark woke up, and he was in a blue hospital gown and was in a medical bed, he looked around and saw, was his eyes playing tricks on him, cause he saw Sara, and she was in a doctor's uniform, and she was checking his head.

"You have a mighty big bump there Mister. Your lucky to be alive, why you would want to hit yourself with a shovel, nobody will ever know, you fractured your skull, I'll be back in awhile to check you medicene..." Sara said not even looking at him once.

"But, hunny, don't you remember me? Where is Mickie?" Mark was asking in a quite tone.

Sara pushed a button beside the bed," Nurse, can you get some medicine in room 132, this man is delirious," she put down the speaker and said," Mister, I have never seen you before, I am already married, and have four children, and I don't even know what a Mickie is, I am leaveing, you'll be able to get out of here tommorow, after the surgery."

Then she left without even turning around.

Chapter 9

Swink, CO Mark's Mansion August 23 12:45

Mark was finaly to his house, he had to ride a bike, cause cars probably weren't even invented then, and was looking around, it was all in the same spot and everything.

He didn't want to come face to face with himself, so he went to the side of the house, and looked in the window, it wasn't even him he saw in the house, it was some 30 year old man, then he looked harder, and he seen that that was him, and he wasn't alone, there was a woman, that he had seen before, Betty Trans, and his older self was sitting by her on the sofa, and then two boys ran in, and sat by Betty, they appeared to be twins, then another came in, but it was a girl, and she sat by his older self.

It was, the older self of him's, his children.

He walked away from the house, got on his bike and rode off, this must be a better life, and he was, to him, the only evil man there, and he wasn't even for this time, so he went on and on, till he came to the Grand Canon, and looked down in it, and it was calling for him, so he went down and started making a whole in the mud by the river, and stopped when he got a hole about 5 feet deep, and the water was filling it up.

He got in the whole, and layed down in it, and waited for him to drown, but before he could, the dirt filled up the whole, and he was burried alive, he tried to stay concious, so he wouldn't time travel and then it was complete darkness, He was free...