You could have just kept walking
By Stephen Smith
Apr. 18, 2002

Everyone says individuality is precious,
They say you should be different,
"Don't fly with the pack,"
That's what I hear,
But when's the last time you were alone?
You've always had your friends;
Everyone has always followed you,
How can you say that I should be different,
When you're just the same?
You've always been a leader,
People have always followed you,
Take a walk in my shoes,
And hell,
You'll be glad that you are you.
Whenever I look up to you,
I see something I want to be,
But I know that'll never happen,
We're different,
C'est la vie.
I look back at you in anguish,
How dare you tell me what to do?
How dare you preach something you don't know?
If you don't know what to do,
How the hell should I?
I realize we're so different,
I've picked such a horrible match,
You're the sun,
I'm the moon,
Our paths should have never crossed.
Life would have been better without me,
You should have just kept walking,
But you stopped and took pity,
And I thank you for just that.
You could've followed the pack,
You should have followed the crowd,
But you stopped and helped me,
It happened just like that.
Although the sun has set,
The moon is slowly rising,
I would have never had the chance,
If you would have just kept walking.