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Dear Diary,

Today mommy has decided who will be next to take her place when she dies. She talks like she's about to die tomorrow. I'm scared Diary. What if she does die? Then I will be left alone to rule.

Hama says that the reason mommy picked me is because he is a boy. I think that maybe he is correct. I don't know though, I don't know mommy too well. She never takes care of us, though she does take time to check on us at night when she is home. I hope that nothing happens to her.

Your Only Friend,



Dear Journal,

I hear Hana in there crying again. I can't believe mom picked a baby for the job! I am way older then her! Oh k, maybe not physically, but mentally I am! Do I sound like I'm whinning? Nanna says that I sound like a baby more then Hana when I don't get my way.

Maybe I'm scared and jealous. Scared that what I told Hana is the truth, and jealous that she got the job and I didn't. I have read books on things about siblings killing the others for position in Royal families, but I didn't think I would ever do it. Now I'm having second thoughts.

What am I writing!? I would never kill her! I think I'm tired, good night journal.


~*~*~*~More Years in Future~*~*~*~

The smoke cleared and I saw her sitting on the ground. She wasn't moving, and I knew she was dead. The tree that was behind her wasn't alowing her to fall down like all of the subjects that had loyaly served her.

I breathed hard, not alowing myself to cry. I knew that if I did, I would only show weakness to the bastards that were holding me captive.

Her blood was still red and she looked like she was sleeping. The blood now her blanket.

They screamed in some weird language I had once known. I knew what they wanted though, and I followed.

I screamed in my own language at them. They were confused and with the confusion came force. They hit me hard on the head.

I welcomed the black hoping that I would see my family in it. Much luck I have! I didn't see anything until I woke up in a dungon.

"Crap!" I screamed as I tried to get my twelve year old hands up to my face. They were chained. The peices of crap had chained ME!

"I am Royality! Let me go!" I screamed.

How I wish I had my sibling with me, but no. She was out in the battle field with mom and nanny. All three dead.

I was soon to follow, I knew it.


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