It had been a long year . The old lady stood before her bathroom mirror. The cold yellow light made her features seem al the more old and withered. Her reflection stared back with the same dull expressionless look of old age .

but slowly the mirror image began to change as the old lady turned away back towards her bed room. The lights were off the withered woman lay in bed beneath thick comforters sewed by her very own hands. The image in the bathroom mirror soured its face distorted as it began to cough wretchedly. Harder still, the woman’s slight frame shook from with in the mirror. Slowly the dry old mouth opened and dark black fog seeped from with in the woman’s frame and out of the mirror slowly filling the bathroom.

The woman rolled over in her bed as she felt a wait on her foot. Her only companion Snowflake was long dead and her husband never was. Her gray eyes opened onto darkness , instinctively the old hand shot under her pillow felling for the cold blade of her knife. nothing was there but the silky cool feeling of cotton. She tried to sit up but the weight on her foot slowly crept up her body pinning her down. Suddenly the darkness cleared and a face ,her very own face appeared before her. Fear was nothing to a woman expecting death but the weak scream came any ways and tried desperately to be heard through stitched lips. The darkness drew away from the being sitting over the old lady. Its face a direct reflection of her own the body sack like with long threads being drawn from loose skin below the belly to curve of her shoulder blade. Up and down the hand drew the needle along its own body piercing the flesh repeatedly lacing it like a boot. The hand stopped and another appeared ,with in its grasp the cold silver blade from beneath the woman’s pillow. The blank eyes flashed in the light of the blade the old mouth of the intruder slowly crept up into a satanic smile as the cold blade descended.

Some where far away telescope relays an image of the earth. Its usual swirl of of cool colors blues and whites sweeping over the land masses. Some where far below a little black dot appears on the picture. it slowly spreads and widens until it can be seen as a wide circle over Canada then eventually spreading.....

This was a dream i had last week .It literally scared the piss out of me. Sorry i took so long to post it but i have just over came my fear of mirrors (by covering all the ones in my house) and reflexive surfaces ...I don’t know if its as possible as Shadow but i truly hope not I am paranoid enough already and i don’t need my reflection after me as well.