City Poems: Damascus

Dawn winding, Ancient Streets, scented
antiquity---what British, French constructed Policies…
measures donned
another way of Searching thru' Paths in despotic Wars of Right…perhaps
situational Injustice explained, as it always is (dictators-)
coming full Circle simply due to the realization That
underneath the Hate and the Time-meaning of it,
someone grasps the Idea of some "in the---first place." Just Listen:

to the Currents rushing past fuming;
how in Any hell can the Continuation of blood (letting) lines,
of Transgressions…dating Nearly back to Before. If ever. Inexplicably
under the Response of Human experience: the Western Portion, leastways
giving rise Thru' the Desert, then,
having Voice, it shifts, and men die either way. Asad or Other-wise