Upon Listening To A Recording Of Frank O'Hara

If we had a difficulty
In loving or being in love with
-the difference being apparent,
perhaps- the Dead,
then it is all for Nothing
and while others reveled
in the sheer distraction of
Poorly-contrived highly whitewashed
Notes. I enjoy
-in every sense of any
type of it-anything, it-
Wandering in Poor
Century-back Recordings

~ God bless you,
Mr. Edison! ~

It all returns in that odd returning way
To loving the dead so much it
Makes some of us poor enough to
Cry, and who
Of one beyond shows disgust
Or indifference

~ Both are horrible yet
and which is worse? ~

Perhaps it occurs to Only we
Scratching out
Our own grooves on Better-equipped
If anything sound

Yes, I forgot---
Loving the dead.
Not Vienna, even, as amazing as that may sound.
If so at all.
Poor fools who blind themselves
Looking at some frantic
Stage, while here,
His voice
Makes me cry

Which is sheer heaven, I tell you, closest to…