Explaining April

If intensity is measured in perception
So be it. Life is only lived
That way
If Evil:
Then so
It takes little understanding
To explain April, even to
A blind man. All that
Is Something was Here
Something Grand.
Only, if that be the moral
Enterprise, of a Valiant Flaw,
So be it. We are
All equal in that aspect.
Retrieve the April
Of-behind closed eyes-and a
Certain Field may
Come about, thru' undisclosed
The electricity
In dimming lights, as if to
Remind once Something
Happened and in an instant
It may be Something
Push it aside.
To the Balance of Power and
You simply come to terms with, in no extra words,
If in April then---
If in measured intent---
If in slightly-proven (and in slightly justified) Evil---
So Be It.

Blind, he explains
April to the
Wide-eyed children.

~ Something was Here.
Something Grand ~