The Politics Of European Monarchies

In Habsburg Blue and Romanov White
You waltzing those Secret Streets
My Hohenzollern continuation
The Beauty left to Keep
And the Houses lined in bitter array
Towards and gains and towards concession
The royal flags brandished, now
For each new planned procession

Sarajevo Streets, Parisian Squares
And you, there, to Berlin
All quarters turned, all words prevail
To wait as it begins
And sighing softly at crumbling past
Austria, as it may die
You saw the future in sharpened gray
And turned your face towards the sky

When the Hanoverian House amassed its power
And the Bourbons saw to their end
There you stood, amidst ascension
And which, stand still, to contend
You contemplated struggle starry-eyed
As Night drew dark in its blue
The shadows cast from gazing up
At the sky, then, shinning-new

Where continents spaced, then spanning
The edge of colonial claims
Dove-eyed, my boy, breathless and lovely
Watched as it happened again
O who else to be versed in belief and battle
And the poetic play of dawn
Then you, my darling, who time has shown
The truth of it, all along

And Windsor accents, but Habsburg still
That Austrian-Germanic affect
The course of the planes tailing whispers of Fate
Left up to you to direct
How, gathering words in monarchies founded
Enough, then, for me to prove
In Europe, love, and Royal Wards
All there is will be You

So collect your flowers, poor angry son
The Piper of soldier-boys
You, the pilot, the rider, the General
All three without a choice
And Hohenzollern allegiances tried
Are no points to disdain
The funeral measures and cut-down trees
Will, time permitting, remain

And what of the Houses, what of the wars
Fought all justly and true
In each dying airman, dreading the Sky
His final farewell then is you
Beautiful boy, swear to the Cause
And the alliance's intricate dance
In the battles you see a bred-in Joy
In the skies, still you find Romance