To Erich, If It Is So

If I err on the side
Of over-exposed humanity
Then should
it not
Only matter to me?
I have grown quite annoyed
Suddenly my (Lone and)
Appreciation of what I
Am and what I gained from who
Some Other People were.
When that is called to mind or me or
Whichever reaches a wider scope
Of attention.
And Questioning
Dresden has no
Bearing on whether
Or not I remain
Either way! I would like to flail out,
But what would be the point? I would
Still be human, and that is the way I enjoy
I do!
More so. For what Human
Shall not love the
Sheer feeling of gray-tinted manhood
Crouching along a border
That promised nothing and led
To Everything that led to
Thankful? Ah, perhaps.

~ Erich Strassen ~

Dear God.
I found some Anti-Aircraft guns
(The ones they removed from Dresden's surrounding hills, damn them, damn them)
Outside my window.
I believe the World
Is trying to tell me

I love him (it) him