This is a tribute to a friend of mine. He died of AIDS the other day and this is my way of helping me to mourn. May his soul rest in heaven forever.

But Not Too Soon Because You're Gone

by Lacrea Moonlight

I watch the sun

Move across the sky

And I feel the need

To just sit and cry

But crying is something

I can't seem to do

Although you are gone

And I truly miss you

My heart aches

That you're gone

And I want to cry

Over your loss

But I cannot

I don't know why

And because of that

I want to die

My soul aches

Without you here

And I feel like

I've been pierced by a spear

I wish this pain

Would go away

But it does not

Because you've gone away

My soul cries

And now I do too

Because you're gone

And it breaks my heart

Because you're gone

My tears are flowing

Because you're gone

I will move on

But not too soon

Because you're gone

I will find happiness again

But not too soon

Because you're gone

I will find love like yours again

But not too soon

Because you're gone

You will live on through your brother

Forever more

Because you're gone.

This is for anyone and everyone who's lost someone to AIDS and some other horrible disease. I will miss my friend dearly but he will remain immortal within the depths of my memories.

Lacrea Moonlight