I feel so violated
You took my innocence away
You stripped me of my pride
And left all of this pain to stay
I feel degenerated
You took my life and tore it up
You held me down and left
No room to breath, it's all too much

Oh, I feel like such a fucking whore

I feel so devastated
These wounds are in my head and heart
You abused everything
That I held dear, that I held dear
I feel humiliated
How could I let myself be weak?
You took advantage of
My trust, you took advantage of me

I want to know what it is
To be loved, I need to feel
Something more
I want to know what it is
To have someone care about me
I want to know...
Why can't I know?

I feel so complicated
You used the feelings in my heart
Took everything I loved
And twisted them, made me so ugly
I feel that I can't go on
With these images in my brain
I feel I can't go on
Living with all of this pain

I just want to love
And be loved in return
But when I reach out
How my emotions burn