My Rain

It’s dark outside right now, but before it was partially sunny

How the weather and time changes, is really pretty funny

I hate the sun, I hate the heat, I hate it when I sweat

I love the moon, I love the cold, but I love it when it’s wet

I like the wind, I like the snow, but I really love the rain

I love the thunder, I love the lightning, I think it keeps me sane

The moon, I love, is always shining silvery

The cold, I love, is a special winter delivery

The wind, I like, blows my body away from my mind

The snow, I like, ‘cause in the snow things are hard to find

The thunder, I love, is powerfully protective way up high

The lightning, I love, send bursts of light throughout the sky

Rain is pretty interesting, it has little droplets too

Droplets of emotion spewing out on me and you

Stand out in the rain and feel it’s power anon

Look at the sky, and on your face, the droplets fall upon

Pouring down into the ground and on everything around

Rain has you found while thunder pounds and lightning is it’s crown

Thunder cannot harm but has an intimidating voice

Lightning strikes but where it hits is it’s own choice

Thunder and Lightning are rare, but rain appears at any given day

But the fact of the matter is that it moves me in such a different way

Close your eyes and place yourself into the rains shoes

How do you feel? Are you alive? Do you have freedom to choose?

Have you ever sat and thought about the rain?

Have you ever pondered why and how it came?

Does the rain affect your life, or even your brain?

Does it bring you happiness, anger, madness, or pain?

Look at the clouds and rain and tell me how they feel

Look at your life and look at yourself and tell me if your real

Rain is rain, and simply plain

Or does it run a bit deeper?

Open your eyes, and here you stand, utterly soaking wet

Rain dripping down your cheeks onto your neck, but yet

It leaves you wet and now you must dry.

You forget about rain already, then sigh.

Rain is the question that’s always on my mind

I finally realize it’s myself that I must find

I see this realization, this unreliable lie

But it seems, rain still leaves me asking why.