Gaibu no Wareware ni Sekai

Gaibu no Wareware ni Sekai

Typed version of my original comic book

By Majin Magus

Chapter Two

The recess bell rang, and the junior high students poured out onto the playground that was actually a large parking lot. Kristina went off by herself, by the cheap chain link fence. She looked through the links and saw cars zooming past.

Everything seemed to slow down for Kristina. She turned and saw every kid on the pavement going in slow motion. She turned her head up to the top of the school and for a second, just a second, there was a shadowy figure there, even though it was noon.

"Hey! Hey, Kristina!" a voice called. Everything returned to normal and a girl with short hair came running over, a kickball in her hands.

"Want to play four-square with us?" she asked, gesturing to a four-square court with all the girls in the grade there waiting for this girl to bring back the ball. The girl grinned, expecting a 'yes.'

Kristina rolled her eyes. "No. Don't ask why. Just…no," she answered coldly. The grin dropped off the girl's face. Then, obviously trying a last ditch effort, she began to speak.

"Hey, Kris, great trick back in class. Ms. Miller was really embarrassed. By the way, what did you call her?" the girl asked, clearly hoping for Kristina to reply with a bubbly answer.

The loner girl rolled her eyes again. "I called her an ignorant idiot. It was quite obviously she didn't know about the murders, and it wasn't a trick. Teens are dying, but it figures you don't know," Kristina growled coldly. The girl looked surprised then walked away.

"Nice. What's your name?" came a voice behind her.

Kristina didn't turn. "I'm Kristina Adams. And you?" she asked, and then turned around to face the person.

He stood a few inches shorter than Kristina. He was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and tan khaki pants. His hair, which hung to his shoulders, was dyed white. Three dreadlocks hung over his ears on each side. His eyes were green.

"My name is Kevin Jefferson. You're different from the other girls, and I have always assumed all girls are airheads. But clearly you're not," Kevin said, smiling.

Kristina nodded. "As you should. These idiots haven't even heard of the teen murders," she murmured. Kevin squeezed his eyes shut.

"It would be an exceedingly sad thing if I hadn't. My brother Mike was killed two weeks ago on his way home from work at night." Kevin sighed. Not to his surprise, Kristina merely acknowledged that information and said nothing.

"Definitely different," Kevin said to himself. Then the bell ran and all the students shuffled back inside the building.


After school was dismissed, Kristina was walking down a sideway with a breeze blowing her hair around. She heard a laugh behind her. She stopped and turned to see a boy walking toward her, a grin on his face.

"Hey," he called. "How would you like to spend some time with me?" He grinned, expecting an eager 'yes.'

Kristina sighed. "Better idea." She jabbed her right index finger into the guy's chest. "You tell your idiot friends to leave me, Kristina Adams, alone."

The guy was shocked. "Wow. You're odd, 'cause any other girl woulda went out with me." A grin spread across his face. "All the more reason to win you for myself!"

A vein twitched in Kristina's head. "That was the wrong thing to say!" she yelled.

The finger on the guy's chest twitched. Kristina felt it grow warm on her hand. She saw a red fire engulf it for a second, then…



The guy lay fifty yards away. He jumped up then, because his shirt was on fire. He danced around, but the fire out and ran away. Kristina looked at her hand. Tiny little embers floated away and she smiled.



A pair of eyes watched Kristina walk away within a cloud of darkness.


Later in the evening, after the small amount of homework had been done, Kristina sat at her computer. She had the Internet, but unfortunately the connection speed was only 33.6.

Kristina ran her own website, and she checked to see how many people had checked it out today. Not many, only five. After a moment's hesitation, she went to a search engine.

'I'll search "magic,"' She thought, typing quickly and as quietly as she could, as if there were people staring at her. The page loaded slowly, and see almost closed the Internet explorer when she heard her brother going from his room downstairs.

After the search results came up, see scanned the descriptions underneath them. She looked for something, anything, similar to what she had had happen to her today.

After Yahoo!, she tried Excite. Then Lycos.


As Kristina clicked on 'search' on her computer, the sound of her computer's processor grinding traveled through the air, the sound waves weakening as it went farther and farther.

Sitting on a rooftop was a guy, clad in black clothing and robes, his hand curved around his ears. He was listening intently and muttering under his breath.


A sound like hissing steam reverberated behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and there was a girl behind him, and she was also dressed in black robes.

"What's she doing, Nix?" the girl asked. The hissing sound had vanished, and the boy, Nix, could feel her grinning behind him.

Nix turned, looked at the girl, and twisted back around. "Look for a reason. Don't they all?" he said to the girl, sighing softly. A frown tugged at the left side of his lip as he made eye contact with the girl.

"If you're going after her, Na, don't forget what Chaos said," Nix reminded the girl named Na. She snickered and vanished back into the black of the night. Nix then returned to listening and decoding the distant computer noises.


Kristina frowned at her monitor. She glanced up and down several search results on several open windows on her desktop. 'The Questions of Magic,' 'Magic You Can Do!,' 'Logic Versus Magic' were just some of the tripe she dug up.

"No one, not even a nut, has had something like this happen to them," Kristina murmured, closing her eyes. She closed down the Internet connection and turned off the computer. She walked over to her desk and sat down.

The girl sighed. "This probably just some back-to-school trauma thing. I'll be fine soon enough. Maybe I should relax." She reached for the daily paper and a can of cherry pop on her desk.

"Let's see how the cops are doing on the teen murders," she muttered, reaching for her cherry pop and drinking a little bit of it.

Only half-reading the main headline, Kristina sipped a bit more of her pop.

" 'Murder Investigations Canceled,'" she read. Then, after a few seconds, she spit out the pop in her mouth. Cherry pop dribbled down her chin and onto the paper. Her eyes read the first few lines of the article.

"WHAT?!" she yelled, reading some of the news aloud.

" 'Chief of Police has determined the recent teen murders to be the work of anew disease. Reports were given to the police that the killer was a young adult with odd hair and that wore black clothing. Even though this person was around the scene of the crimes and at the time of the crimes, there was no flesh wound. Doctors have advised to have everyone to be vaccinated for diseases that have not received treatment for.'" Kristina stopped. Rage burned within her.

Kristina stared blankly at the picture of Kevin Jefferson's dead brother on the sidewalk. He had shocked expression on his face and his eyes were wide.

"These are our friends and family dying! Are we supposed to take this lying down? No disease did this, can't they see?!" Kristina shouted. She knew her voice would echo through the house, but she didn't care. Her gaze focused on the can of pop behind her and she could feel her anger explode and then fizzle out.

She examined the can, which had exploded because of a hole seemingly burned straight through it. Cherry pop now cascaded onto her wood desk, staining it, but she didn't care.

"It happened again. Things explode when I get really pissed." Kristina powered off her computer and decided to retire for the night, unaware of the events that would follow tomorrow…