This was written...because I don't belong anywhere. Strange, but true. I dunno...personally, I think this is crap, but at least it's something to share, no?


Me -
a homeless idiosyncracy,
only alive because
someone else died
and left me his shoes to fill.

My philosophies
go unnoticed,
scorned by the stars and sky
as a product of
a biological mistake.

Dieticians love me -
'This could happen to you!'
His client, disgusted
and brainwashed,
gasped in horror.

So am I obese or anorexic?
I'm not sure anymore.
The adipose
shrinks as it grows,
a hologram for the masses.

A faithless,
godless girl -
or perhaps simply confused -
whichever it is,
I'm out to get them,

Own them with my heresy
and invisible cross.
Death was never so welcomed
as I
and my injected truths.

Mmkay. Just to clarify and cleanse my personal image - I don't have an eating disorder; my narrator does. ^_^ Please review!