City Poems: Athens (I)

Even with an ornate black dress and Continental white gloves
very few people would know how I loved you.
entwining the Smoke off that Italian Lake.
No! I swear I believe in absolute freedom.
I try, at least. Can you blame anyone for loving swans and warm dusk?
Nevertheless, Dictators say no to Dictators. Quite interesting and
glorious. Faintly and quite enough like Summer. Like tonight.

Instead of turning, I almost
nearly learned what "condone" means.

Anyone can take the Humanity out of Life
then: I prefer to keep it very much intact.
Hell! In my diamonds and lacy shawl, my black dress and furs,
every man in Europe should fall in love with me!
Nothing that I would not want, of course.
Sometimes. I think he is every man in Europe. Simply Europe or Summer.