bust it open
rip it out
throw it down
let the juice run down my arm

lick me clean
in all the places i've been dirty
tear this ragged dress from my battered body
don't let the light in
till your done

let the pulp twitch on the floor
while the dirt streams down my face
the fingerprints on my thighs turn blue
beneath my smeared hands
muddied, broken, battered, torn

the crescents of my nails dig in
puncture deep till rivulets of red
stream like the crystal from my eyes
and the hole in my chest burns hot

wrong, dirty, unkind, restless soul
i rolled down in the mud,
plunged into the mess
let red hands stroke down my supple thigh
and enter where no one had ever been

and now i wish i were a sinner
wish my fingertips didn't gleam gold
wish these folded wings would break and let me fall
further than i have