I first discovered how to leave my body when I was eight. My
parents were downstairs in the living room fighting. Again.

With fists curled against my ears I huddled into a ball on my
bed, eyes closed and trying to block out the picture of them
fighting. But I couldn't, I could vividly see Mom shaking her
clenched fists at Dad, and Dad's face as red as the ripe
tomatoes that grew in our garden.

Then, all of a sudden, I was there. I was standing in between
them, in our living room, somehow invisible to their eyes. Fear
sending icy tendrils up my spine, I panicked. Suddenly a cord,
it seemed, from my belly button, grew taught, and I was back in
my body, staring at the folds of my sheets.

I learned at the library that the out-of-body experience I had
had was something called astral projection, in which the soul
is able to leave the body, but is still connected by a lifeline
through the stomach. I taught myself to do project myself quite
easily; in time.

It was quite strange, at first, though, to see my body laying
there, unseeing, unbreathing, and when I put my head to my chest
I couldn't hear even a flutter of a heartbeat. My body looked as
dead, and my soul roamed free.

The wind through the reeds stirred my sheer hair, and I tore my
gaze from the sunset, which was painting the bay with vivid reds
and oranges. I had always wanted to see the marshlands in the
Chesapeake Bay, and now I finally had the chance. I knew I had
to leave soon, Mom would be calling me for dinner.

Pulling the lifeline, I opened my eyes to the view of my

At dinner that night my mother confronted me. "Honey, I'm
beginning to worry about you."

I picked at the refried beans with my fork, averting my gaze.

"You've been distancing yourself from me, honey. You never talk
to me anymore. The only time I ever see you is at dinner. What's

"Absolutely nothing." I said, meeting her gaze squarely.

"I would beg to differ. Mr. Benison called. He said you're
failing most of your classes."

None of what she said was untrue. I spent time at school
thinking of places I was going to visit, and once I got home I
went directly to my room, leaving my body the second I flopped
onto my bed. I never talked to Mom, and my friends had
abandoned me.

"I'm a teenage girl. Aren't I allowed to have issues?" I stood
up. "I'm done." I ran into my room to seek shelter in quiet
solitude of the forest.

Over the next year Mom and I had that same conversation many
times, until I believe she just simply gave up, I was a lost
cause. I was held back in ninth grade, but my F's showed no
improvement. No one there ever talked to me, even the teachers
finally gave up.

I could hardly focus my attention even on eating, for I soon
discovered that my adventures weren't limited to our planet. I
spent much time admiring the views of Jupiter and Saturn, and in
time even ventured thousands of light-years to alien worlds.
Coming back to Earth was cumbersome and annoying, especially
since I no longer cared about life here.

And so, I hatched my plan.

My body was as dead when I was projecting myself, why didn't I
just leave it where someone would find it, mistaking me for

When I went to bed, nights later, I made sure my door was
unlocked. Heart pounding with excitement at the thought of
finally being free, I projected myself, but instead of quickly
flying off, exploring, I stayed around the house, awaiting the
moment when Mom would find me when I didn't come when she called
for breakfast. It would only be a few weeks after that and my
body would be buried, and I would finally, finally be free.

I stood, unseen, among the crowd of weeping family members. The
gleaming wood coffin holding my body was lowered into the
freshly dug earth. I smiled as a single rose was thrown on top,
before the dirt came cascading down.

I lifted up off the earth, my soul was finally free.


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