Hey, I made this story to dedicate to my good buddy Alison, I hope you all like it! PLEASE review it!!

James stood at his locker, all alone in the hallway. Everyone was at class, and James had excused himself to his locker.
"Get out of the way Alison move it," James said, looking at what appeared to be his locker. "Alison I mean it, your gonna make me late. DAMN YOU ALISON DAMN YOU!!" He shook his fist angrily at his locker and went back to his history class.
"Why didn't you get the paper James?" his teacher asked.
"I tried to but Alison wouldn't let me."
"Alison who?"
"Uh.... I dunno, I just know her name is Alison. She's mean to me. She never lets me do anything and I get yelled at for it."
A student asked, "What does she look like?"
"Uh.....She's hard to describe. She's uh... kinda tall, she's got hair and uh...."
"Vivid description cap'n"
James was captain of the football team. He had lead his team to victory several times, except of course when Alison was there. She tortured him.
James muttered under his breath, "Damn you Alison."
The bell rang and lunch started. James sat with his friends at a table. He put his lunch on the table.
"I got a good lunch today guys! MMM...." James said looking hungrily at it. "It's my absolute favorite, pizza with ronis and NO!"
Everyone looked at him, "What's wrong?"
"Did you guys see that!" He said pointing to his lunch, "She's eating my pizza!"
"What are you...."
James got up from his seat, "Alison NO!" He got down on his knees and raised his hands up to the skies and screamed to the clouds, "DAMN YOU ALISON DAMN YOU!"

After the lunchroom experience James was sent away to a "happy place" where he was never heard from again.