1 Shadow

Michael sat knees drawn up to his chest,cold and lonely in an unfamilliar room. He could see his clothing thrown carefree across the back of an old wooden rocking chair. except for the filthy mattress the boy lay apon and that one forlone rocker the room was completely empty. His flesh crawled as he recalled the nights activities, used needles and dime bags littered his vision of blood drenched orgies and high Z darkies. It is true he had been amongst them, but now left alone and uncloth in the light of day he felt shame and wanted to hide away in his dreams, but even sleep would not comfort him, for what he craved rest could not provide.

Slowly and deliberately he arose, his feet numb and far as he stumbled through the kaleidoscope of light towards his clothing.

Out on the street he blended with the shadows beneath over large verandas and cafe umbrellas. Even in a drugged stupor Michael could pick his way through the crowds of midday. From his littered hotel room, The Pit was only blocks away.

The dank darkness of The Pit calmed Mike's pounding temples, his eyes relaxed as the sights and sounds of the real world faded away. Color no longer exist, only various tones of gray and black and white spased through the crowded hang out of drug addicts, Z darkies , ravers and mindless sex offenders.

Vampyrer met him at the door,a usual customer if he wanted her he could have her and more. His booth awaited, far secluded from the noise of the dance floor and the pale Florissant lights of the bar. Dashea and David, long time friends awaited him, as did the twins Mathew and Miles, the girls and Seizet whos gender never mattered.

Taking his seat Michael joined the conversation,which normaly focused on who should pay their tab and always ended with the bill going unpaid for yet another month.

'Still livyn mike?' David smiled ,his mouth twisted devilishly .

'Barely' was mike's reply as he drained the contains of a glass placed before him.

'partied hard i see' snickered the girls in unison,their wild eyes flashing with the pulse of the strobe light from the dance floor.

'Ravyn can be harsh...she didnt hurt you did she..?' Seizets voice rolled slowly through the gloom 'should have warned you '

'Ravyns a man Seiz' snarled mike irritatedly thrusting the empty glass away and reaching for another

'oh...should ave told you that to...soo how was it..we got rent money or not..or were u too igh to collect?'

Seizet was always easy going and care free. Mike knew nothing about him/her and didnt care to find out,he always refered to Seiz as a male but his slender feminine physic and long flowing hair sometimes made him very attractive. Nobody remembered ever inviting Seiz into their clic he just was ..and no one objected to another hand in the rent money. Mike reached into his pockets felt his wadd and threw several folded bills onto the table.enough for two months rent if he could stay sain enough to go pay.The twins quickly pocketed the stash before Vampyrer came around with drinks once again.She had fast hands, and suppled fun times but for a steep price.

Mike felt himself being watched and raised his eyes from his half empty glass to face his accuser .Davids large brown eyes stared back into his own gray drug clouded ones.David was very beautiful,and very straight,about the only one at the table whos sexualtiy was actually well defined. The eyes of the girls and also Dashea across from him bore into the thick mottled mess that was Michaels head.

'You know your heads bleeding right?' Jaelle asked breaking the semisilence of the group with her slow drawling voice.The girls always sounded insecure and weak when they spoke out of unison.

' maybe' said mike watching a drop of blood drip down the thick clump of hair before his right eye.'can you check it out ?cee where it commin from'

Dashea shot forward, any chance to touch mike she was all over it.Her long slender fingers scampered through the jungle of mikes hair feeling out the mottled clumps of blood soaked tresses then finaly comming to its source,A very large bruise whuch had swollen and burst at the back of mikes head.

'o00..Narstay!!' she wenced snapping her hand away from the sore.'you should really get that looked at mike ..u never know what kinda shit was in that room'

'itll be ok.' said mike rubbing the spot The blood was warm and sticky,it was fresh he knew. It mush have started flowing once he entered the pit surely someone on the street would have questioned him had they saw his bloody head.

Once again drinks floated around the table,The girls sat searching their purses ,Seizet was focused on the dance floor the pulsing white lights and dark squirming bodies excited him.David once again stared blankly at Michael ,Dashea watched the twins count the bills repeatedly and realized the number was lower each time until it was less than a quater what it began as. This they placed back on the table ,the tab would be paid off in full today, another would start soon enough

The girls burst ito laughter which brought much unwanted attention from a group in the booth adjacent theirs.Jaelle was holding a large purple envelope in her hand ,dug up mistakebly from the obyess of her friends purse.The unwonted eyes stayed fixed on her and she felt the burn as the others stood and walked haughtly towards her.The leader of this pack was a burly man,large of muscle small of brain.His friends fit into the same catagory as he. Large ugly egotistic barbarics who used their less than coherent minds to intimidate others.

'u got something there ?' the leader asked ,standing behind the girls, his arms encompasing their chairs.His pugent breath turned the stomachs of all those present at the table.Mike raised his bleary eyes and tried to focus on the imbicile who threatned his nostrils with such putrid odors.

'ju pretty bois think your something much hun? ju never had a real man hun? want me to show you how it feels to be with a man?' the leader asked grabbing jaelle and her sister by the wrists and yanking them from their seats.

'Maybe you should experience a man first before you go threatening innocence ' Ortho he was stoned Mikes voice was still strong and unwavering. His eyes focused on the ugly curl of Carlos'goatee ,from across the table he could pick out the door like space between Carlos' front teeth

'Maybe you should get bent you fuckyn fagg!' butted one of Carlos' minions

'I am bent and as a matter of fact iam boned too ....?' said Mike draining his glass and slowly rising to his feet.The light from the dance floor pulsed rappidly with the change of song.Shadows flashed across mikes face grotesquely disfiguring his features, his hands slowly rose and wiped at the blood dripping down his stubbled chin.'Would you like to see,or can you not handle a real man?'

Carlos' hand shot forrward blade flicking open .Barely inches from Mikes face it stopped,Froisse stood behind mike, his silloutte dark and turmilous in the pulsating light. Froisse swallowed the light his daark omnious appearance had no highlights ,just balck on black.

'Hellow boys' His voice snaked about,slightly chilling the aptmosphere of the two groups.Quickly the blade dissapeared back into the gloved right hand of Carlos.Not even he could face Froisse.'I see you are having a splendid time ..dont let me ruin it by kicking you out now.' his dark eyes sped over the situation eatting up the facts in a second. The purple letter sealed wih red wax caught his eye and before Jaelle could move it ,it was gone hidden away in the pocket of Friosses' black trench coat. The girls quickly sucked in their breaths, petrified that Froisse was actually speaking with them as if he was one of their own..

'You all enjoy your time now!' Said He slowly leaning into the light and reaching a red gloved hand over the table towards Carlos' face.Froisse was astonishing his blood red mohawk lay limp and tosseled over his face.The high cut upturned lapels of his coat added to the misterious shadows about his dark outlined eyes and thin red lips. Even his shadow was frightening, tall and slim as was he but having no definate shape. The floor legnth coat swirled about in the mist of the floor as Froisse swished away as swiftly and silently as he came. Carlos and his gang also turned, but instead of returning to their table hurried towards the door and out into the cold night air