The letter was summoned once again from the depths Jaelles purse. The wrinkled purple envelope had seen better times better days ,years other worlds

In his writings Nastradamus predicted the end of a world

, but this world Nastradamus saw was not yours

but one very similar .

That world as was predicted is no more.

The beings of that diseased world have

now infected your own and unknowingly seek to destroy it .

They are a hateful race not different from your own.

Their ways are of pure evil and their beliefs

are that you were the mistakes

your presence is the cause of their self annihilation.

I am Ma'khea and they are my people

the people of my fathers the father of your fathers.

I spoke to Nastradumus, and he wrote what i informed him of ,

the history of a dying world ,the fate of a new one.

The start of a new era herald with death.

I was mistaken in my assumptions

that your race was better than ours ,

I have come to conclude that we are all the same

and like us ,you too shall die

at the mercy of those you believe will protect you .

A tear cold as ice sled down the Curve of Jaelles face. The letter was hers ,in her Family for years and years. No one had ever cared to break the seal. In her haste as she ran away from home she stuffed the letter along with her great-grandmothers jewelry into her pockets. She now turned the slab of hard blood red wax over and over in her hand. It was an old family of old ways and noble blood.

Her family coat of arms, A shield with dragons hands crossed palms up at the wrists assaulted her from the yellowed paper in Mikes hands. He stopped reading and watched her , his cold gray eyes now thawed as he witnessed the degeneration of his friend. Her hands shook violently. As she leaned against her best friend dubbed sister. The other unfazed by the news held, and tried to comfort her but could nothing to dull the fear the room held them trapped in.

Mike leaned forth and pulled them both into his arms. Their tears like hot rain washing over him. Mike wasn’t used to open shows of emotion, he watched and held on as The Girls let their fear overwhelm them. David came in through the beads to mikes pasture, the pale green carpet was a comfort they all lay together Vampyrer finally awake listened and questioned her sanity.

'So this world is just a shadow of a world which also has a shadow and that one has a shadow and everything is exactly the same in each except that everyone has a chance to make their own decisions and change things everytime?'

'I think so..' Friosses voice was calm unwavering.'I knew from when i saw that seal it must be the same letter that Nas mentions in his works.I studied myths in college, he was the only one i actually believed was worth my time ,then to have some chick sitting before me with her hands...' He broke off and once again emmersed him self deep in thought.

Here was the future scribbled in longhand by a man from another world, laying on a death bed in our own realm. Recounting the destruction of all things he knew and loved ....

91101 :

The television blasted out info on the situation by the second. The stressed news anchor fidgeted with his pen. He'd been awake at work for hours still his loved ones are not heard from. With out script he took to stuttering and mixing his words. Realizing the top was not on the pen he swiftly capped it and began speaking ,ink splotches dark against his pale skin.

Footage of the Tragedy reeled in the background. Smoke billowed out over the city. Life was ending ,predictions true .History repeating over and over as the plane repeatedly burst through the crowded United Nations building in New York City. Worlds away the Arabic’s celebrated ,men women and children dancing in the streets. Down the block a house bound widow mourns the possible death of an only child, her only link to the outside world. Around the country people panic the media scramble to report on the hour, minute second.

Where’s the president? Florida, Virginia, Louisiana ,Nebraska area 51. The apocalypse has begun. This world like many before it is dying. The group of friends sit around the television in their own hell in the sky waiting for the declaration of war which will shortly come. Waiting to turn down a draft that will be forced apon them, waiting to deny faith in a system that has forsaken them .

Night fell. Once again costumes of self expression were dawned. The many flights of stairs decended. Into the night strutted Mike David Dashea The Twins The girls Seizet Vampyer Friosse and condemnation. The Strobe light flashed and whirled as they entered The Pit a clean fresh scent floated through out the hang out of Drug addicts Z darkies Ravers mindless sex offenders people who are all destined to die in the same horrid explosion when a nuclear war head is shot out of the sky over a small insignificant town by the United States Government. The people within shall forever remain nameless faceless careless. They will dance for now ,then they will die.

My story was not suppose to turn out this way, and neither was life but it happened and it cannot be changed .I feel much sorrow for those of you whos loved ones have been murdered in this horrid act. But my sorrow will not make the world better neither can yours. I advise you remember your loved ones and think not of their death ,but of your life time will pass they will be gone but you are still here. Mourn for now, then trust in

God Jehovah The universe Allah or what ever else you believe the name to be ,just continue to live and live to the fullest because you can. Its all happened before.

No this is not something i am proud of but simply a dream i had on Monday, September 10th 2001.

I have had lots of strange and unusual dreams before but this one almost crushed me ,especially when it came true.

Nam myo ho ren ge kyo

Trust in the Lord

Shadow Sphere Nat-Tania L Forbes