Monster Within

There's a monster inside me, wanting to be released

It's always been there; wonders never cease

This evil has welled inside me; building up my hate

My anger is unimaginable; you could never relate

My hatred is coming to the surface, about to get out

My rage is unbelievable; it makes me scream and shout

I've always had this monster; it controls what I say

It controls my life, every second, everywhere, and everyday

This monster makes me cry; scream; think awful things

Sometimes I feel like a bird without wings

But what can I say? This monster controls my life

Controls my fate; destiny, if I fail or strive

What is this monster? Is it good or is it bad?

I wish I could tell you the answer, but the answer I never had

But as the monster is coming to the surface, the answer is becoming clear

My monster is bad; evil; wicked, and every second it gets near

A few more seconds and the monster will get out from within

It'll leave from inside me, as it withdraws from my skin

I will be the monster, and the monster will be me somehow

I am the monster, and the monster is me now