A Letter to Hitler In Five Parts

I. In Homage to What Frank O'Hara Said About Hate:

You wrote poetry
In your childish drawings:
O! you, perhaps, may
Paper the frozen walkways and forgotten
Shanty-towns of Vienna with
Your watercolor imaginings, your
Alternative idea of
And when you curse
Versailles when we
Curse you when a child
Grows old between fault
And acceptance then:
No one is left in the dead center of it.
Sometimes hate disgusts me,
But for another reason:
Who else could say?

II. Towards the Picture on Whatever Page of Some Book

All right, we are
Beyond masks now. We have been
For quite a long time.
How once in Nuremburg you
Told us or me or whoever would
Listen that:

Draw you own conclusions!

We would not
Recognize Germany.
And the Russian soldier walking
Thru' the hidden ruins of Dresden
Did not even know Germany to
Recognize it
In the first place

III. Did you know that a Hohenzollern still visits the Kaiser's Grave?
Who is the Father here?
Wilhelm died cutting down trees in
Holland and you:
You were not too
Bad of a painter, and damn it all (!)
If you had not launched
This Grand, Wonderful Joke
Then who would have
Bought you landscapes?

IV. The Part in which Someone Goes to Hell

You promised Germany:
and reaped whatever some
Whirlwind sowed.
I thought we
Were beyond that.

V. Why I Have Not Yet Gone To Dresden And Plans For The Rest Of My Life

Put the mask back on:
Perhaps, and
next time first time whichever time
I am in Nuremburg, I will
Spit on the sidewalk (and
let some dog lap it up)
Buy a postcard
From a starvingartist:

Just in Case

~ Sincerely ~