Hi everyone! Another poem for a special someone although a rather chaotic mind is deciding. Enjoy.
(P.S. reviews are appreciated.)

Beautiful Mind

I can look into your mind.
So beautiful and soothing,
Never knowing what I'll find,
I'll pray that it is moving.

Eyes shine brightly like the sun.
Longing, waiting for the day.
Always hoping for some fun.
Forever wanting to play.

Then, behind a cloud of gray,
I see something so unreal.
You are filled with much dismay.
I this how you really feel?

Fear an evil of the night,
That was never known to me.
Only wanting pure sunlight.
This is how we're meant to be.

You're on a path never known.
What you say can not be true.
How can you just walk alone?
Tell me how I can help you.

Tell me why you fall behind.
Tell me why you need to lie.
Tell me what is on your mind.
Tell me why you can not cry?

I will listen, If you tell me why.