Rather strange poem. I wrote this while on a break of doing a fascinating project about Mars.

Background: A person is drifting in space. No lights, no communication, no person, no nothing. He/she is basically stranded.

In the middle of nowhere, I remembered…

In memory of birth,

The first waking moment,

The slow blinking of bright eyes,

A wail of pure joy and innocence,

In memory of innocent childhood,

The naive giggles and laughter,

The ignorance of harsh life,

The cuddling of the body against my mother,

In memory of music,

The blissful world,

The flowing phrases,

The world that I could hide in,

In memory of friendship,

The comfort in trust,

The passion for companionship,

The pain of broken trust,

The anger of betrayal,

In memory of adolescence,

The chattering of friends,

The thoughts of life,

The seriousness of school,

In memory of love,

The blinding, passionate force,

The driving energy,

The despair of attention,

In memory of adulthood,

The tedious days,

The settlement of career,

The love and appreciation for life,

In memory of elderhood,

The fondness of a loved one,

The aches of body,

The dread of death,

In memory of life,

The suffering I went through,

The joy I experienced,

The liveliness of being fresh and alive!

In memory of sweet, bitter memories,

I remembered myself,

Feeling the cold-blooded chill,

This blasted, wintry, unfriendly shuttle

Of hard metal walls

No one to talk to

No one to console me

Nothing but darkness,

Darkness that envelops me

And brings me to dwell in my memories.