Weird title, I know. I like it, though. It was written on a whim - I'm still not sure as to how I got inspired to write something like this.

Artist from the eyes of a Former Lover

From my lonely protecting veil
I peeked at you with shadowed eyes,
swallowing the life I couldn't have.

Your canvas, your bright colors -
such drastic combinations of light
and darkness that I so craved...

When did the little girl you were
grow into the woman you seem to be,
willingly subservient to the palette?

We might have gotten along in life
if you had been sitting beside me
instead of across the narrow aisle.

Death would have been made easier
if you hadn't ever looked at me
and then abandoned me for light.

But you belong in your green enclave
with all the other perfect specimens,
working your lovely, painted miracles.

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