A Quick Note To John Ashbery…Regarding Frank O'Hara

When someone…who may have
Been myself, even I cannot be totally
Sure…said New York
I immediately thought of him and how:

~ I could never be an Artist
because I would
bother Everyone else with
my incessant recounting
of Politics ~


But that still
Amounts to how he died
Almost thirty-six
Years ago and where was i?

Well---I am here now,
Should that matter?

Like the bi-planes or the
Whaling ships or the
War-room maps.
How to write laughter
Because anyone can(should) laugh at
Just about anything and I want to appeal
To a Broader Audience.

Or, simply, to him.

~ If I give this to you, John Ashbery, I wonder
what you would say? ~

That "the Dead
Are so and the Living
Depend on that fact"

Oh Well:
New York looms a shadow over my
Tiny State and that is quite enough.
At least; it always has been.


And his voice:
That too.
I love having epiphanies, so
Thank him for that. I think
I shall love his
Recording and accept Something:

For Once.