Wishing Well

for the rest of my days,
destined to watch
my reality fade,
wishing I'd left this,
wishing I'd stayed,
wishing we couldn't have
drifted away
like two planks on the ocean
of sorrow;
no hope for today,
no hope for tomorrow...
I cast a penny,
cast a spell,
into my mind,
into the well,
into hopeless, useless
pretending that I still believe
in everything we used to be...
Was it anything at all?

Author's Notes: Actually the A/N for me is a lot like "story behind the story." *laughs* Anyway I just thought I'd mention that.
"Wishing Well" is really about that--it's hard to tell, but if you look really close you can see that what's actually happening as the poem goes on is the speaker is throwing a penny into a well and ruefully wishing for...well, that's the part I'll let you discern for yourself. It's not a mystery--just interpret it the way it looks to you.
And finally, if it seems a little choppy or a bit off-center or something of the like...it's because I'm just (hopefully) coming out of a particularly violent bout of writer's block. It's worst when you have a million ideas springing up in your head but you can't figure out how to put it all on paper. Isn't that miserable?!?! Well, I think it is--it's tantalizing.
This isn't really a discussion on the Cruel Irony of Lifeā„¢ (another self-coined term, hmm) or other philosophies, so I'll stop myself here. Tell me what you thought (if anything), and I hope you liked it and understood it at least a little. ^_^ Thanks for taking the time!! ~Mistress Jakira
Date of Composition: April 22, 2002