1.1 Invisible

(Lady Beth 1999)

2 Can you not see me

When I am standing in front of you

Can you not hear me

I am here

I am screaming your name

I am screaming in pain

As you discard me once again

I love you dearly

I was your best friend

I held you when you were afflicted

I did what you told me to do

However, you did not see

You did not hear

Nor did you notice

I spoke

You never replied

I cried in pain

You never comforted

3 My lonely soul

Was I not there

Did I not speak

Am I invisible to your heart

Can you not feel my pain

Can you not feel my broken heart

You used to be like the sun

Keeping me warm though Night and Day

Now you are just cold, like ice

Freezing me to my very soul