A Pierced Heart

I saw them fall,
Those thick glass shards.
I saw them come,
They pierced my heart.
My blood ran cold;
Ran down my arm.
Then came the light.
The light of death,
Of remorse,
Of regret.
It came so fast, so quiet,
I hadn't the strength to fight it.
Then that light faded:
It was sweet oblivion.
The darkness overcame,
And I had a dreamless sleep,
The sleep of eternity,
The darkness so deep.
I searched the dark.
I still had hope.
The dark, it plays tricks,
As this day it had.
I awoke one day,
To find myself alone.
The darkness had followed,
Had emptied my home.
It took all my friends,
My family, too.
It took everything,
Except for you.
You glowed like that same light,
You had dissolved all the dark.
You were my love,
Who had pierced my heart.