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I l l u s i o n s


A young schoolgirl sat down looking over the high precipice overlooking the city. As she admired the scenery, she thought about recent happenings.

Why has this all happened? What have I done to deserve this?

=Her walking into a room and setting her keys down.=

She hugged her knees tighter. We didn't do anything…

=Her walking into another room and dropping her books.=

She rested her head on her knees. It just sort of happened…

=Scene of two bodies limp on the floor in a pool of blood.=

So sudden…

=Her hand dripping with their blood. Then her silent scream…=

She shuddered. I'm left with nothing…

"You ready, Kai?"

"Huh?" She thought a moment and remembered that only her best friend would call her by her pet name. "Oh, Sage. You scared me. I guess so." She took Sage's outstretched hand.

"Were you thinking again?" Stern blue eyes flashed with concern.

"Yes. I still can't get over it…"

"I know… I'll help you through it."

"Thanks. I can always count on you…" She hugged his arm as they started to walk towards the city.

"No problem."


The two soon came upon Sage's school, Emerald City High School. Many other students dressed up in the school uniform, white pants or pleated skirts with a shirt and jacket bearing their school's emblem, were talking in groups in the front courtyard.

As Sage walked down the path with her close behind, heads turned and people talked quietly.

Sage ignored people's stares and headed to a group of people. "Hey guys!" He greeted each person then stepped back to even out the circle. "This is Ikaila Lukas. She'll be coming here for the rest of the year."

Ikaila just nodded her head as Sage's friends acknowledged her. Only one guy had caught her eye. He had jet-black hair accented with light brown streaks that matched his eyes.

"This is my best friend, Adrian." Sage was apparently introducing Adrian to her.

"Adrian, Ikaila."

Adrian stared deep into Ikaila's glassy blue eyes. They shook hands. His grip was firm, but gentle.

Ikaila turned to Sage and tousled his blonde hair. "When does school start?"

Just then a loud old-fashioned bell could be heard.

Sage grinned. "Now."


Ikaila found out that Sage and Adrian were in most of her classes. She was walking to her last class hoping that either Adrian or Sage would be in it. She stepped inside and went to talk to the teacher. In the background students could be heard talking about Ikaila.

"Damn she's hot!"

"She better not mess with my boy…"

She partly understood those remarks because she indeed was beautiful. Her dark brown hair coming to about the middle of her back and her tanned skin emphasized her sparkling blue eyes.

She scanned the room to look for Sage or Adrian. To her dismay, she couldn't find either of them.

The bell to start class rang. Everyone got to their seats as the teacher approached the front of the classroom. "Class, this is Ikaila Lukas. She will be joining us, so please welcome her." She added to Ikaila. "You could take the empty seat in between Sandry and Mikel.

She hurriedly got to her chair so the lesson could begin. The girl sitting to her left turned to talk to her. "So, you're that new girl this morning, huh?" Ikaila remembered her face from the crowd this morning. She had long blonde hair and dark green eyes.

From the tone in her voice Ikaila got the impression that she was somewhat of a 'I run things around here' girl. "Yeah…"

"Well, don't go messing up the whole system of which I run. Or else you'll find yourself with the whole school against you. Not to say that they aren't now…" She turned around quickly and scooted her chair as far away as she possibly could get from Ikaila.

To her right, a boy with light brown hair and brown eyes spoke to her. "Hi! I'm Mikel. Don't mind Sandry over there. She doesn't like it when new people come here. She tries the hardest to keep only the people she grew up with in the school. Her Dad runs the school, so she has some authority. Oh, and don't think you're the only one who hates her. The rest of the school hate her except her group of 'friends'."

Ikaila just nodded. She stared mindlessly at the front of the room. Isn't Sage friends with her…?


Ikaila hurried from her locker to meet Sage and Adrian at the front of the school. She heaved her backpack onto her back and quickened her pace when she saw both of them. "Sorry I'm late, guys."

"No problem." Sage used his usual response.

"It's okay." Adrian had a basketball under his right arm.

"You guys gonna play basketball?"

"Yeah, but I have a lot of homework, so I'll have to play for just a little while." Sage had a lot of advanced classes so he always had homework. Even though it was a Friday, he usually did his homework early so he had more time on the weekend.

"Fine with me." Adrian said as he dribbled the ball.

It didn't take very long to get to their houses. Sage and Adrian lived right next to each other.

Adrian ran inside his house to drop off his things. "I'll be waiting for both of you okay? Don't take too long!"

"Okay!" Ikaila yelled back before she closed the door to Sage's house. She hopped up the stairs to her room while she hollered a 'we're home' to Sage's Mom. She dropped her bag onto her bed, quickly changed into shorts and a sleeveless and raced down the stairs. "Hurry up, Sage!"

"I'm coming!"

She could hear his feet going toward the kitchen as she closed the front door. He's probably going to get something to eat… She looked at the basketball court not far from Sage's house. There she could see Adrian shooting hoops already. She waited patiently on the grass of the front yard even though most of her body urged her to go to Adrian.

Sage soon came out with some drinks for each of them. "Sorry I took so long."

"It's okay." They walked toward the basketball court. "You didn't tell me that Adrian lived next to us."

"Oh. Well, he does." He flashed that grin of his. "Sorry… I didn't think you'd want to be bothered about something like that."

Ikaila understood. Sage is such a caring person…

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