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It was Monday again- back to school. "Ugh. She makes me so sick!" She held her books even tighter than they were already against her chest. "Ooohh! Seeing her… with Sage! Grrrr… It's even more sickening to see her with y-" She caught herself; not believing what she thought she was about to say. To see her with you? What am I thinking?

"To see her with who?" Adrian and Ikaila usually walked to their classes together, since Sage was always with Sandry.

"Uh… nothing. Nevermind."

"No, you were going to say something…"

Ikaila grinned. "It's nothing, really! Just my mind racing too fast as usual…"

"Yeah… uh-huh."

She playfully pushed him. "Thanks for understanding…"

"You bet. So, how do you like your first month here?"

"It's been great! I'm glad that I met you. I've learned a lot and had a lot of fun times."

Adrian walked a little slower and turned to Ikaila. He smiled; glad to know that she was having a good time with him.

Seeing his smile, Ikaila automatically smiled back. It just made her melt inside every time he laughed or smiled at her or anyone else. She was glad that she had people like Adrian and Sage to watch over her.

"Oh, Adrian?"


"I have to go and get something in my locker. I'll just see you after school." After a quick wave Ikaila turned to her locker and spun the lock to her combination. When she lifted the handle and opened the door, a single red rose fell out and onto the floor. At first she thought somebody had gotten the wrong locker, but there was a small tag addressed to her. She carefully picked up the rose and searched for a sender's name. Finding none she returned the rose and headed off to class.


"Adrian!" School was finally out for the week and Ikaila was outside looking for either Sage or Adrian.

At the sound of his name Adrian turned around. "Oh! Hi, Ikaila. Uh, Sage said he'd be here in a few moments. He had to pass by someone's locker or something…"

Huh? Pass by someone's- could he be helping the secret admirer?! No, I shouldn't think that… Ikaila tried to put on her best smile. "Oh, okay."

Adrian noticed something different- the forced smile gave it away, definitely. "What's up with you today?" He asked playfully. "What's with the fake smile anyway? You shouldn't have to do that around me." In a more serious tone he added, "Something bothering you?"

She replied shaking her head, "No, no. It's just that someone-"

"It's a guy, isn't it?"

"What?!" Ikaila's eyes widened in amazement. How did he figure that one out? Seeing that he saw in her face what he wanted she stopped and immediately frowned. "No! I mean, I just got a rose from someone anonymously in my locker today. It was sort of just sitting there."

"Awww, how cute." Adrian teased.

She glared at him to make him stop. "I was just wondering, though, how it got into my locker. No one knows my combo."

"Maybe your lover is a stalker who always watches your every move… You know, the type that sneaks over your shoulder and looks at you combination-"

She shuddered. "Stop! You're scaring me…"

Adrian laughed when he realized she was not joking.

"What's so funny, you guys?" With all the chatter and laughter outside they didn't even notice Sage walk up to them. Once Adrian got himself back together he told Sage about the rose incident. "He might be trouble…"

Ikaila knew to expect something like that from Sage. "No, I don't think so-"

"Ow!" Adrian yelped when he received a punch in the arm from Ikaila. She had heard him mutter under his breath 'Maybe it isn't even a guy…' "I was joking. Really, this time."

This made Sage laugh. It's good to see Sage laugh once in a while. Ikaila thought. When they all got home, Ikaila wanted to stay out for a little bit. "Do you have anymore homework, Sage?"

"Yeah… sorry. I'll try and spend more time with you though. If you're going to stay outside… it's getting dark… go with Adrian. I know he won't let anyone hurt you. Other than that, don't stay out too late." With that said, he walked in his house and closed the door.

Ikaila walked over to Adrian to ask if he wanted to take a walk. He willingly said yes and the two set off. They walked a little bit through the woods surrounding the neighborhood. When they got back, the stars were already starting to come out.

"Do you want to watch the stars?" Adrian asked when he saw Ikaila eyeing them.

"Sure. I used to do that a lot with my Dad…"

They both found a grassy hill not far from the forest entrance. Lying on their backs, they got a full view of the sparkling tiny specks that dotted the sky.

"Why does Sandry act that way with you? It's like she likes you still and that she's going out with Sage all over again."

"I don't know exactly. Why, are you jealous?"

She turned to face him and frowned. "No." She said quickly. "I- I'm not jealous… I don't like you…" She couldn't look at him anymore so she looked back at the stars.

"Oh, okay… because I like you…"

Ikaila saw that his face was pink around the cheeks. How cute… "Really?"

"I'm not lying. I don't lie. But the thing is… Sage likes you. He's liked you ever since maybe… oh, the fifth grade." He laughed. "He would always talk about you."

Ikaila now found that she was blushing. "He never told me…"

"At first, he didn't like you. You know that phase we all go through. But around fifth grade, he noticed how pretty you were getting. His exact words were 'She has beautiful sea blue eyes and brown hair that match perfectly with everything she wears. She always wears things that match.' I'll never forget that saying." Adrian looked up at the stars. "He would always come home from church on Sunday and ring me up. And the first thing he would say was 'I saw Ikaila today…' and he would describe the dress that you were wearing. It was kinda funny because he always seemed to remember every detail on you. Kinda like what I do-" He caught himself and stopped. "I mean…"

He was cut short by the delicate lips of Ikaila, which had come in contact with his. He kissed back, surprised at his own reaction. She pulled back. "But I like you… I did like Sage at a time, but I didn't find him 'my type'. He would talk about you often. Sometimes he would bring you to church and I would look at you from the corner of my eye. I always thought you were the cutest guy I had ever seen… and it's true…"

A short silence followed, but both found each other leaning in, eyes involuntarily closing as they got closer…

Ikaila woke up. Dammit! It was all a dream… Then she looked to her right. There was Adrian sleeping with his arms across her waist. He sleeps like a baby…
"Adrian…" She shook him gently. "Adrian…"

"Huh…?" He slowly opened his eyes. When he saw her face he smiled. "Hi. Uh… what time is it?"

Ikaila glanced at her watch. "Eight thirty. I better get back. Sage might think-"

"Yeah… you better."

"Don't tell Sage, okay? It might break his heart…"
Adrian nodded as he helped Ikaila to her feet.


Wednesday morning the next week Ikaila found another rose on top of her books with the same tag attached to the stem. Over the few days that they had been in school, she now had accumulated ten roses including the one she held. I really wonder now who has been sending them… could it be Adrian? "Maybe I should ask him the next time I see him." Ikaila thought out loud.

"Ask who what?" Adrian's voice startled Ikaila making her drop the rose onto the floor. Slowly he bent over to pick it up and gave it to Ikaila.

Just the way Adrian looked at her the moment he gave her that rose made Ikaila blush a little. "Um…" She suddenly forgot what she was going to say. "I- I was thinking some more about who's giving me the roses. I really want to know who it is."

"You really want to know?"

Ikaila looked up and into Adrian's dark brown eyes. "Y-yes." He looked cuter and sweeter than ever. Could it really be him?

Gently he reached and stroked her cheek. "It's me." He admitted.
Relief spread through Ikaila's body. At least it wasn't some geek or something. She hugged Adrian and kissed the nape of his neck. "Thank you."


It was now Friday and Ikaila was expecting the last rose to complete the dozen that Adrian promised to give her. Since it wasn't in her locker in the morning she was anxious to get out of sixth period. She hadn't seen Adrian or Sage the whole day. Finally the bell rang and she ran out the door. After quickly spinning in the combination of numbers she lifted the latch. Suddenly a fully bloomed white rose dropped to the floor and broke; its frail petals scattering on the slick tile floor. The students around her gasp and started to talk in whispers as Ikaila stared at the floor in confusion. A white rose? Why would Adrian give me a white one? Doesn't he know that that means… death?

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