World News & Significance

Something seems significant
In the date or the bird outside
The door or the package
That just arrived:
Nothing is.

Once in the Summer when we
Took away the Heat in
A Butterfly-House a man
With dark-liquid
Eyes smiled at me and
Snapped a photograph
(not of me) of a flower I
suppose meant Something to

He was wearing a yellow
Shirt, I believe. On Television they are
Talking about the "Cardinals
Descending on Rome" and
I will not
Even start on what I considered
Everyone else may be

I am 25% Irish, I
Believe---but there is no
Doubt about the Significance of
Packages or
Birds or

Both of my dogs are quiet
And I am reading
Frank O'Hara (!)
Not like Cardinals or Men in
Yellow Shirts:
The difference in Machiavelli
And a Saint.

A cardinal (not Cardinal) sweeps
By as the FED-EX man
Delivers a brown
Box and I cross off
The date on my calendar
Saying Something,

Of Significance