I wrote this to battle a dastardly bout of boredom during STAR testing. It was absurdedly easy - "What is missing from this heading?" - indeed. Anyway, no more rambling from me. Please review!
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The Timekeeper, in Five Acts

It was noon.
Shadows hid amongst
the arm of the demon,
haphazardly scattered
like wind-swept pebbles, leaves.

He taunted me -
visions, absinthe.
The pool of madness
and finally I saw them.

Four vampires danced
to the fiddler -
entranced by his magic,
the execution of harmony.

His descending melody
spoke volumes
about life, death, love,
and eternity too.

The unearthly incarnation
of my deepest desires,
the bloodlust
that I'd dreamed of

Night after night,
but this was noon!
I had been lured,
and the vampires beckoned.

They told me
in a sick-sugar voice
that I was to be
the puppeteer again.

Playing god
to tumbles of string
and wooden dolls
with perfect expressions.

for the sweating masses
and looked up to
by the corpses of ruffians,

by no one -
save the mannequins,
the groundlings.

The whip cracked;
my eyes bled
and dripped ambrosia,
the signal for the gods
to feed upon my tears,
my misery, my sorrow.

They were bitter, though,
and I fled the wrath -
oil with no match -
escaping from dying angels
into the open arms
of the noonday demon.

But I turned back
and faced the glass
one last time.
The sun-projected reflections
left such an impression
upon my unlaced retina
that I shuddered,
rejecting the future
and everything it promised.

The clock struck one,

And the sundial shattered,
taking with it the
last grains of sand
from a forgotten hourglass,
a neglected, fragile shell,
holding secrets
that shocked the world
into quiet submission,
leaving humanity

prime for a hellish takeover.

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