Patton to Rommel

"It's amazing
how the Desert means
Nothing to anyone but
Some dirt-poor nomads who
Would just as soon
Fight over Water

You and I---we're the
Same, aren't we?

Once I dreamt I was fighting a Roman
Legionnaire, and I was, back
When Carthage and
All that Splendor
Infected More than just
The Dying Moments of a Soldier

You were that

You wonderful, beautiful, bastard!
You lovely genius!

How is it every night:
The sobbings of the
Homesick soldier and the
Alien moonscape cries of the
Desert. Some of the
Nomads believe
Something lies out there. I
Know it does, damnit.

You lovely genius---

If this was you and I---hell,
Take this:"

-an ivory handled pistol-

"And you and I and all that made
me as far back as I fought wars:
as wars are fought:
this is you and I
to hell with empty politicians
and soft-hearted commanders
and yellow-bellied facilitators.
This is you and I.

If it were so simple
If it is. That damned sobbing
Private. This damned eternal
Place. Where are you?

Do you think I would kill you?

You lovely genius
You wonderful, beautiful bastard!"

-The moon rises over
the scrounging
desert people. Somewhere
a man lays down a pen-

"Once, I was an ancient
warrior and you fought by my
side and now we know
each other: well enough.
We shall meet"

~ George S. Patton ~