Rommel to Patton

"This has
not a thing in it but in
the beginning he could do no
wrong. Like a child. Like a
child who has gotten
exactly what he has
wanted all along.

I was supposed to address This
To you. Where are you tonight?
For years I have traversed
Paths I have made
From Egypt to Libya to Tunisia.

Now you.

I have learned
Not to hate anyone because
The heat and the
Coughing-sick men and
The endless-treading
Panzer-roar has allowed only
I did not plan for you who so
Thoroughly planned for

You once believed (and still do, as I assume)
That in one Life you were a
Soldier and now in this one
You are. I turn my back on
The cocky pilots and how can
They believe
That insanity
Can pull off miracles?

I recall crushing victories in
France, the Low Countries.
How horrible! And you. Have
You been waiting? I can
Run from the

I believe, as ludicrous as it sounds,
I should like to speak to you,
Grasp you hand
In Something reminiscent
Of Humanity. I hate the

I hate This.

Where are you tonight?
Kasserine was Before you before
You fell upon me like that Eagle upon
This expanse of uselessness.
Why are you here?
I have not the choice.
Nor any other

I tell myself that.

If I had known, how would this have been any different and I am not certain if I mean
You or

I could call you Brother.
This night is Ugly and I am slowly
Dying in some yet

~ Erwin Rommel ~